Melon mania 8/10 nice sweet flavour 👌

Emporio Armani Because It’s You by Giorgio Armani is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women.Emporio Armani Because It’s You was launched in 2017. The nose behind this fragrance is Anne Flipo. Top notes are Raspberry, Lemon and Neroli; middle note is Rose; base notes are Vanilla, Musk and Amberwood. Coming Soon From Funko ! When we hear rumors of new products, we’ll post them here! Some rumors come directly from our sources. Others from Instagram accounts such as PopCurated and ANerdyDad.. None of these are 100 percent certain. Natasha Nice wears a sexy French Maid outfit. HD 70% 8:00. Reality Kings - First Time Auditions - Moaning Mouna. HD 73% 10:05. Petite ebony sub sprayed with maledoms cum. HD 75% 15:53. Jewish girl has perfect ass. HD 67% 7:58. Fake Driving School Jealous learner with great tits wants hard fucking. HD FashionGo is an online wholesale clothing marketplace where hundreds of manufacturers and wholesalers provide clothing, apparel, accessories, shoes, handbags and a variety of fashion related items. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. 8-10 frozen boysenberries 12-15 frozen blueberries 125ml soy yoghurt -any flavour Blueberry Orange ... honeydew melon ½ cup fresh orange juice ½ cup carrot juice Pinch of nutmeg Apricot-Nectarine ... Mango Mania 2 scoops Vanilla F1 150ml Water 100ml Mango Nectar 1 Mango Cheek Ice Banana Muesli FashionGo is an online wholesale clothing marketplace where hundreds of manufacturers and wholesalers provide clothing, apparel, accessories, shoes, handbags and a variety of fashion related items. I would rate TMR as a 8/10, only because the first 12 episodes are so good. First 12 episodes: 10/10 Episodes 13-16: 6/10 Episode 17: 8/10 (I would give it a 9/10 if I weren't so jaded.) Samantha Oct 03 2013 3:26 pm Absolutely my Favorite Drama of 2013! Tous les décès depuis 1970, évolution de l'espérance de vie en France, par département, commune, prénom et nom de famille ! Combien de temps vous reste-t-il ? La réponse est peut-être ici ! Chef's salad Food historians can't quite agree on the history and composition of chef's salad much less who assembled the first one. Some trace this salad's roots to Salmagundi, a popular meat and salad dish originating in 17th century England and popular in colonial America.Others contend chef's salad is a product of early twentieth century, originating in either New York or California.

2021.10.20 14:17 SnooSuggestions27 Melon mania 8/10 nice sweet flavour 👌

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2021.10.20 14:17 SPAC_Time WeWork and BowX Acquisition Corp. Announce Closing of Business Combination to Create Publicly-Traded Leading Flexible Space Provider - BOWX -> WE BOWXW -> WE.WS on October 21, 2021

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2021.10.20 14:17 UtheDestroyer CFA usage

Hey everybody,
Just got approved for regular membership, got the email and in the directory. But my name in the directory doesn’t have , CFA after it. Is that an issue? Can I still use the designation after my name or do I have to wait?
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2021.10.20 14:17 jmd1982 can you transfer old npxs to the new pundix wallet without first converting?

if i wanted to transfer my npxs to an exchange which supports pundix would my npxs automatically switch over to pundix once its received by the exchange or must i go through the conversion process first and then send it over to the exchange.
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2021.10.20 14:17 Helpful-Warning4027 Next week on his bday I’m calling it

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2021.10.20 14:17 CoolestDudeOne Do gas pumps empty between each use?

If I get premium gas but the person before me got regular, will I get all premium gas or will some be regular?
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2021.10.20 14:17 Business_Oil8241 Work/life balance and a startup

I'm interviewing with an international startup that mentioned because of the different time zones there are no "off" hours.
The person I interviewed with mentioned that she just blocks off her time when she needs the time off on her calendar (when shes at dropoff, etc). She mentioned that very often there are meetings at 6am or midnight because half the company is in Asia, but for me where I am it would be 9am or later.
She says she just says no and doesn't show up to the meeting, and mentioned I should do the same, and the one call I'd need to answer would be my direct boss, but other than that, not to worry
Does this work in my favor, in the sense of getting work done on my time (like spend time with my kids when they come home from school, go out during the day to workout etc) and work at night? Or is this always working all the time?
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2021.10.20 14:17 my-eye-candy-account 🏹 🌝🍀

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2021.10.20 14:17 mycryptobook $OTIUM 🌎 100x potential with a real case of use!🚨Don’t miss the IDO for OTIUM Tech, the 1st company to bring blockchain to the tourism and leisure industry! ⚡️IDO: oct. 30th on Pinksale! ⚡️OTIUM provides crypto solutions and apps for leisure professionals & customers to maximize loyalty

📣 OTIUM TECH is an industry first : it will revolutionize the TOURISM AND LEISURE INDUSTRY by bridging it with BLOCKCHAIN SERVICES & POTENTIAL 🌎
📣 OTIUM provides a comprehensive set of crypto solutions and services for tourism and leisure professionals 🌎
📣OTIUM team is also developing a dedicated app to bring the service and the interaction with customers in bars, hotels and restaurants to a next level 🌎
🔥 Discussions with major hotel chains already happening to build the perfect customer loyalty plan at a worldwide scale with tailor-made crypto tools 🔥 Marketing budget already allocated before the launch and ready to roll out
✅Doxxed team of 14 knowledgeable pros in the crypto and tourism industries ✅Solidproof Audit & KYC✅Liquidity locked✅18 months vested token for the team ➡️Whitepaper:➡️Web : ➡️Reddit : OtiumTechnologies ➡️TG : Otium Overseas Official
📣Join the IDO to be part of the Tourism Crypto Revolution : Oct. 30th on PINKSALE.
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2021.10.20 14:17 Brilliant-Refuse-982 Schlag den Buffet Langzeit Investment voraus

Wer träumt nicht davon zur richtigen Zeit in Unternehmen eingestiegen zu sein?
Nun mithilfe moderner Charttechnik wird Träumerei schnell zur Realität.
Aktuell bietet sich ein in eine Value Aktie die den Corona Hype hinter sich gelassen hat und auf „vor Corona“ Niveau notieren.
Jede Menge Dampf im Kessel hat.
Einen Gewinn von 1.25 Mrd DKK vorweisen kann und eine Umsatzsteigerung von 7,3%
WKN 854743 GN Store Nord.
Bekannte Produkte sind Jabra (meines Erachtens das beste Headset zur Zeit)
Der Hauptumsatz kommt aber aus der Medizintechnik
Die Aktie steht unmittelbar vor dem Kaufsignal
Ziel 447 DKK Stop Los 395 DKK
Langzeit Interesse bleiben nach 447 DKK dabei und genießen die Reise.
Es gibt eine kleine Dividende die jedoch das Potential sich die 39% zurück zu erobern und bereits im kommenden Jahr ein neues Rekordhoch zu erzeugen scheint laut Analysten möglich.
Ich schaue selten so weit in die Zukunft und betrachte lieber die unmittelbar Gegenwart und nette Gelegenheiten.
Hier bin ich auf eine gestoßen, die abseits des Trouble eine wunderschöne Chance bietet.
Auf das Kaufsignal im MACD an der Heimatbörse Kopenhagen achten und auf die Volumen.
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2021.10.20 14:17 Kooky-Trainer784 Lunar Lander FAIR LAUNCHING NOW ON PANCAKESWAP

Lunar Lander is a token for the future of funding & investing which gives everyone a fair chance to enjoy the long ride.
While existing solutions offer to solve just one problem at a time, our team is up to build a secure, useful, & easy-to-use token on the Binance Smart Chain. It will include easy cryptocurrency payments integration & even a digital arbitration system.
At the end, We want everyone to have the same chances of having fun in crypto trading / investing.
This will make business truly efficient, transparent, and reliable.

Token Information :
Name : Lunar Lander
Blockchain : BSC
Total Supply : 1,000,000,000,000
Burn : 500,000,000,000
Contract Verified
No Dev Wallet

Contract Address : 0xB68e010256EB46fcAb07F00Fc5f0CD448BC6C477
Pancakeswap : Buy Here !
Contract : Click Here !
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2021.10.20 14:17 OssamNin Naruto's SO6P Kurama mode face in Boruto?

Why is it completely yellow? It just makes it confusing and makes people think he doesn't have SO6P power anymore. Also it looks way better without a glowing face, like he was at the end of the war.
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2021.10.20 14:17 TheWhimsicalGod Would a used Skoda Fabia be a wise choice for a first car?

I passed my test coming up 4 years ago now, but only recently found the financial footing to actually afford a car. I know I want a smaller car (would hatchback or supermini be the correct term for a Fabia?) something I can build confidence with. I wanted something that looked sleak-ish, and wouldn't cost me a fortune to keep. I've seen these about and from my own research I'll say they definitely appeal to me. Especially the green ones which I'm going to guess people are a bit divisive about. Personally I think they look really unique.
Anyway, my ignorance when it comes to the topic of cars is staggering, and I have no idea if this is a good financial investment. I only really like the Fabia because it looks neat, is small, and seems to not cost a fortune to run from what I've read.
Thanks to anyone who bothers to read this, and apologies in advance for my ignorance 😅
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2021.10.20 14:17 StrictlyUtility Do you think humanity is using it’s time wisely?

Everyone gets one shot at life. Do you think working 40+ hours a week, paying taxes, going to the DMV, etc. is a good use of the tiny amount of time we have here?
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2021.10.20 14:17 SkrillaMurderholics US EAST

Anyone know when transfers start for the US East region ?
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2021.10.20 14:17 Difficult-Subject543 trainline sunset

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2021.10.20 14:17 ganbaro Wieso feiern Linke nicht die AG ab?

Sorry für den provokanten Clickbait-Titel :P
Eine Frage, die ich mir schon oft gestellt habe, ist, wieso der Aktienmarkt nicht von pragmatischer sozialistischer Seite öfter als Chance betrachtet wird.
Aus Sicht der Standardökonomik ist eine Börse ja sehr nah am idealen System, wie Ressourcen verteilt werden können. Und lassen wir mal subjektive Qualitätskategorien der Verteilung (fairness usw) weg, stimmt das ja erstmal auch: Mit minimalen Kosten wurde blitzschnell verteilt.
Nun wollen viele Sozialisten ja mehr als einfach nur das Kapital unter den Arbeitern verteilen, sondern erhoffen sich von anderen Wirtschaftsformen soziale Effekte. Es ist aber auch klar, dass kurz- und mittelfristig so eine umfassende Reform sehr unrealistisch ist. Wieso sagen pragmatischere Sozialisten und das kapitalistische (Markt)System akzeptierende Linke da nicht öfter, dass man wenn schon private Unternehmen haben soll, nicht wenigstens möglichst viele Unternehmen in einer Rechtsform sein sollten, die Partizipation am Kapitalstock ermöglicht?
Nun könnten theoretisch auch eG und Syndikate diese Funktion erfüllen, AGs haben aber zwei praktische Vorteile: 1. man kann sie promoten, ohne im Konflikt mit "rechts" zu stehen und hat damit eine realpolitisch kurzfristig praktikable Lösung und b) wir haben eine effiziente Infrastruktur, mit der jede/r ArbeiterIn leicht und günstig seinen Anteil am Kapital bekommt.
Nehmen wir mal an, alle Firmen wären an der Frankfurter Börse notierte Firmen, parallel angeboten über Handesplätze wie Lang & Schwarz, Gettex oder Quotrix. Das gesamte Sparvermögen der Arbeiter könnte direkt für einen Euro Kosten in die heute maximal mögliche Kontrolle des Kapitals durch die ArbeiterInnen umgewandelt werden. Linke Politik führt zu mehr Einkommen der ArbeitnehmerInnen? Für einen Euro steigt ihre Kontrolle am Kapital! Rechte Politik führt zur großen Koksparty am Kapitalmarkt? Immerhin profitieren ArbeitnehmerInnen von der Blase so viel wie möglich mit.
Da wundert es mich, dass aus pragmatischer Sicht nicht die AG als sinnvoller Zwischenschritt verstanden wird. Die GmbH liegt ja auch in der Hand des "Kapitalisten". Reiche Familie aus dem Nachbarort mag vielleicht netter klingen als ein Schlipsträger im Frankfurter Bankentower, aber 10 Mio Wert in einer Hand sind 10 Mio Wert in einer Hand, effektiv das Gleiche. Bei der AG könnten es immerhin nur 9.5 Mio sein.
Praktisches Beispiel Schweiz: Die AG ist dort ähnlich beliebt wie die GmbH in Deutschland und Österreich. Es ist dort gar nicht so unüblich, dass der lokale Bäcker, die lokale Brauerei usw von lokalen Anwohnern gehalten werden, oftmals hälftig bis mehrheitlich. Diese stützen dann das Unternehmen gerne auch mal in schlechten Zeiten. Beispiel für ein unnotiertes Unternehmen: Unser Bier. An der Nebenwertebörse in Bern notiert: Brauerei Schützengarten
Ich sehe das als eine praktikable Symbiose aus linken Genossenschaftsideen und realpolitisch umsetzbaren kapitalistischen Lösungen, zugleich wird der Anreiz für privatwirtschaftliche Gründung bewahrt, da nicht ab dem ersten Tag die Mehrheit jedes Unternehmens in Drittbesitz sein muss
Wie seht ihr das? Wäre das Thema im Mainstream, könnte man noch weitere Ideen spinnen, zB eine mit steigendem Umsatz anwachsende Pflichtausgabe an den Streubesitz und sinkende Maximalanteile für einzelne Personen. So könnte zu krasse Akkumulation des Kapitals verhindert werden, während gleichzeitig der privatwirtschaftliche Anreiz bleibt - aus einer Garagenbude den riesigen Konzern machen würde sich ja dennoch lohnen, auch wenn bei 100.000%+ Wachstum der Gründer am Ende nur 1% der Firma hätte. Und die Gesellschaft profitiert dann eben mit.
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2021.10.20 14:17 HamishWarne [Ellis] Bears CB Jaylon Johnson was fined $2745 for "Unexcused Late to Building at Daily Specified Mandatory Report Time"

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2021.10.20 14:17 ZoolShop Extreme's Jonathan Goodwin is covered in cuts & bandages in hospital selfie just days after horrific stunt accident

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2021.10.20 14:17 JennixAnn Wake up every night between 2-4 AM coughing over and over.

27F History: asthma, stroke in 2020, chiari malformation, sinus disease Location: Ohio, US
Every single night for weeks, I wake up coughing for 10-20 minutes and it’s hard to stop. It always happens somewhere between 2-4 AM. It disturbs my sleep every single night. I’ve tried taking Benadryl before bed, doesn’t help. I don’t know how to make it stop. I’m not sick at all. Any advice?
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2021.10.20 14:17 Bostonian4fun 45 [m4f] Making up for all this lost time on #Boston #Massachusetts

I feel like we’ve been repeating over and over again the most boring day we’ve ever had because, well, that pretty much sums up the current state of affairs up until recently. I'm a normal, respectable man who misses…everything. Going out. Having a good conversation in person. Flirting. Having drinks. Having sex.
If you’re a similarly normal, respectable woman who’s bored and craving genuine conversation, flirtation, and (hopefully) so much chemistry that we go home together and end each other’s interminable sex drought, send me a message. We're two mature adults on the same page and we'd be doing this in a safe, discreet, and mutually respectful manner so…why not. Things are starting to come alive again and there’s no time like the present…
What you're getting in me: a safe and sane man who is a good person as well as an enthusiastic bed partner, someone who is very normal, clean, and D&D free (and that includes being a non-smoker and being tattoo-free), tall and in great shape (I’ve maintained my workout schedule throughout this entire pandemic situation), and very handsome. Dark hair, no facial hair, and I receive compliments on my eyes and smile. Underneath my well-educated and professional demeanor, however, is someone with a very naughty mind, insatiable appetites, and someone who loves giving and receiving pleasure in the bedroom.
I'd want us to have a chemistry and connection in and out of the bedroom (connecting on a personal level makes all the physical stuff all that much better) and an uncomplicated and fun attitude about all this - no drama, just a fun release from the everyday and sharing with each other a side of ourselves that our friends and co-workers might not realize we even have. I’m hoping this might turn into an ongoing albeit casual thing but I’m definitely open to a one night stand for the ages if that’s what it ends up being.
I'm vaxxed and take Covid seriously, you should be doing so too, but life is too short to simply forego all the pleasures two people can given one another (and I don't just mean in bed but in talking, enjoying a night out, living life, all of it).
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2021.10.20 14:17 _ass-eater-69_ Hiya! I recently moved countries and being in isolation and having online classes really hecked me up, so I’m looking for a little chat! If we get along, heck yeehhh and if not, no worries, it’d have been lovely talking regardless! 😌

Hey you! I hope you’re doing well and keeping safe! I’ve recently moved countries (am now based in London) and with the whole not seeing anyone stuff it can be kinda lonely sometimes, even though I’ve some people to talk to, I’ve not met as many people as I’d liked to have and end up with a lot of free time!
I try and respond as soon as I see messages but if it comes in during the afternoon I might be a little late in responding and I really am sorry about that!
So! Some stuff about me! I’m 24, a big fan of football (the European kind), anything space related, weirdly enough - chess (I’m SO not good at it), watching random shows/ movies with mates - been watching Saiki K recently, it’s actually quite fun! And also standup. Watched Jimmy Carr live recently and it MADE my day (read life). Oh and I have PlayStation and kind of enjoy playing Apex Legends although I’m absolutely shite at it! So if you wanna play, heck yessss!!
I’m honestly down to chat about anything, if it’s something you’re interested in and want to rant and speak about it, heck yeh I’m down for it! I’m a curious bugger and would love to learn a lot about you! So feel free to send a message or reply in the comments if you’d like to get a feel for me first. :)
And if you choose to not message me but you still got this far down, first of all - daayyyumm boi! And secondly, understandable since my history is a bit… nsfw and I respect your decision to stay away! So I wish you well and hope you have a lovely day! And if you do choose to engage in a conversation with me, drop in already, I’m eagerly waiting!!! :P
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2021.10.20 14:17 KamakaziSloth Crashing in The Face Of Success.

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2021.10.20 14:17 supertrooper747 Giratina add 0056-7867-3232 add my partner 0624-2509-6605 Thanks starting now Ty

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2021.10.20 14:17 brockp949 What do you take to combat an increase in anger when on Sarms?

I want to go back on Sarms, but my quick temper is harmful to my relationship. What do you guys take in order to keep you chilled out during these times? I do smoke before bed but I am looking for something that I can take in the morning before work/ during a normal day.
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