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New World, More like Poo World, Amirite?

"Alright, either you're with me or you're against me, or you're with me and against me, cause I'll be honest, that happens sometimes." "It's a good day to take out some fools and be back in time for dinner! I got pork chops tonight. Love pork chops." "Listen, I've been training all day, so, it's about time that, y' know, we did some fighting." " Now ya see me, now ya don't. Now ya see me, boom ... pass definition: 1. to go past something or someone or move in relation to it, him, or her: 2. to go past a…. Learn more. JustAnotherOldGuy writes: Chinese authorities have banned all new video games from being released indefinitely, as the government attempts to tackle what it calls gaming addiction in the under-18s. The suspension was revealed at a meeting with game company Tencent. The ban was reportedly revealed during a meeting between Chinese gaming companies Tencent and the authorities. Neither company has ... 43 I keep waiting for shit like this to reach critical mass yet nothing happens. Having an "opposition party" of cunts and eunuchs is a major part of the problem. Posted by: Captain Hate Won't Forget Ashli Babbitt at September 09, 2021 11:14 AM (y7DUB) We haven't had an opposition party for 20 years. They know we don't believe the kayfabe anymore so they don't even pretend to try for the most ... Now that we are well into the new Millennium society has begun to recognize serious concerns with issues that kids have to deal with today. Some issues have always been there but are now coming to the eyes of the public to find solutions. Other issues are new trends as society begins to adapt to a faster pace of life. Below are the top 10 issues facing our youth today. A realtime image mirror and database. Anonymous: let us go then, you and i, when the evening is spread out against the sky like a patient etherized upon a table. let us go through certain half deserted strees, the muttering retreats of restless nights in one-night cheap hotels and saw-dust restaurants with oyster-shells: streets that follow like a tedious argument of insidious intent to lead ... Brit/pol/ - "/pol/ - Politically Incorrect" is 4chan's board for discussing and debating politics and current events. But we exist in a world where our freedoms intersect with the freedoms of others. You are free to not be vaccinated, but private entities are also free to decide how to respond to that. That is also true for the use of masks and other non-pharmacological interventions to assist in putting a stop to a viral pandemic. The trio of new friends chat for a moment before Frank invites Kathleen and Ophelia to Dan's Beer Parlor on State Street, which was just a short walk from the store. They drink beer at Dan's until approximately 11:20 pm. Frank, possibly already tipsy considering the hour, makes the mistake of flashing his money to the girls when he pays for a ... 32 Mexican states means 64 Senators, open borders to new US citizens to travel freely for jobs, and realize the American Dream of taco trucks in every suburban entryway for a quick breakfast or dinner. But it's a third-world shiathole with a government that's owned in all but name by drug cartels! Why would Mexico agree to merge with that?!

2021.10.20 13:52 Who_World New World, More like Poo World, Amirite?

Discuss Poo World.
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2021.10.20 13:52 ElHongoMagico21 Brian Laundrie personal aritcles found off trail at the reserve. Medical examiner caller to the scene, forensics tent up

From a picture on Fox News, we can see a very weathered "dry bag", commonly used by backpackers, and one similar to the one used by BL. Possible (speculation) body found, due to forensics type tent erected earlier.

Fox News Article
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2021.10.20 13:52 wizardguild Looking for ONE scholar only -- can start immediately 50/50 split

Start off with a 50% SLP split, and an increase to 60% for scholars after 1 month if you can consistently achieve at least 150 SLP per day. Please apply here directly, thanks!
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2021.10.20 13:52 Massimo_18 ANY UPDATES: Legislation sneak attack alert! Please share and repost! Please be there tomorrow at 1030 AM to oppose the vote and stop CORPORATE Cannabis from hurting caregivers and patients for their profits. Anderson House Office Building 124 N Capitol Ave, Lansing, MI 48933

ANY UPDATES: Legislation sneak attack alert! Please share and repost! Please be there tomorrow at 1030 AM to oppose the vote and stop CORPORATE Cannabis from hurting caregivers and patients for their profits. Anderson House Office Building 124 N Capitol Ave, Lansing, MI 48933 submitted by Massimo_18 to Michigents [link] [comments]

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2021.10.20 13:52 RollinWitTheNuns Mushrooms (possibly inkcaps?) in propagation pot. Sprayed with distilled water Monday morning and the mushrooms grew overnight Tuesday into Wednesday when the plastic tray was on top of the plastic pot. Should I take action (e.g., remove them, use some type of fungicide) or are they harmless?

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2021.10.20 13:52 TechnicianNo12 Should I start Elijah Mitchell or Chase Edmonds as my flex? I also have Tyler Higbee.

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2021.10.20 13:52 alejandrogpuente The tomb and the salt mine

Hi Reddit. This is an unedited excerpt from my new book, The Book of the Stars. In this segments, our heroes are getting ready to go into an ancient tomb. Tell me waddaya think, please :) 
They settled down in the camp, with the men. The stars twinkled over them, the fire crackled in the night. The workers lay huddled together, sweaty, exhausted after the day’s work.
Isaac heard the oldest of the men narrate around the fire. He told a story from memory. He didn’t seem to care whether anyone actually listened to him. David fell asleep immediately, into his nervous, uneasy light sleep; but something in the tale snatched Isaac’s attention, and he stayed awake. 

“It was ten years ago the first time I came here. Back then I was young, and my hair was black. “The caves… there were secrets in those caves we were all trying to find, for a long time. Deciphering hieroglyphs carved into narrow tunnels, were we had to crawl in, springing traps set for the thieves of a thousand years ago, rotten with dust; carrying our own dead outside and letting them dry their ventures in the setting sun. “Words as becoming as wounds – they ooze honour both. “The funerary chamber… we later discovered it was one of many. We also discovered something lurking in the dark, beyond our sight. After traversing a minute hole in the world, hidden behind a pile of rubble, we came upon many-storied halls, colonnades of sandstone grinning in the dark, the sound of water moving somewhere. “We were enthralled by this new mystery, and proceeded ahead without consideration. We didn’t know yet the horrors that awaited. We should have paid attention to the warnings painted in red symbols or blood, but we didn’t. Our greed tied our hands together, and spurred our feet forwards. “We had been contracted to prospect mines for the Pearson corporation – to be perfectly truthful, the tomb affair was almost accidental; a passing mention in a native’s tale; but one we couldn’t help give ear to. At this time, we were poor, young and hungry; and we would have done anything for a quick buck; for something to take back home, to show to our mothers, our sisters, our lovers that for sure at this time had already become forfeit and treacherous. “Turns out only three of us came out of that salt mine… I tell you, there was something in there, there was a smell of… a smell of purple, floating in the air –yeah, don’t laugh at me; it’s like that substance that some snails segregate; well, it was in the air, floating, and it got into our nostrils, and made you see bizarre visions when there was no light to guide you– we had planned to go in and out, but turns out things wouldn’t be so simple. “The tombs lay somewhere near the Great Sea of the Rising Sun: more I cannot tell, for I myself have destroyed the map and tried to erase every detail of it from memory – anyway, the sands shift like the tide in that region of the world, you would need precise coordinates to find it now – the sands devoured everything there, they devoured cities, they devoured people alive. Nothing could live there, and this made the funerary temples ever more appealing – how could they live there without our mining technology? Did they live there? Were they even people like you and I? “So we ghosted the company that hired us and spent our budgets and assignments into gear for the chase of our pipe dream. “And there was an inscription on the lintel of the great gate, an ancient architrave, many stories high: ‘For on the day that the dead may rise; fear, lo! And behold my wrath.’ And we laughed at that fellow’s malediction, sent from a world corrupted into dust. From the capitals of his columns wreaths of cobwebs fell, and rats had eaten the dust of the bones of his servants, and their wives, buried in his antechamber in some ritual suicide as his last introduction to eternity. Even his cats were buried with him, mummified and looking at us from their niches with empty, hungry lapis lazuli eyes. “Chasing a pipe dream we went into that ancient tomb, walking in silence among pyres and ashes of forgotten holocausts. Is it our feverish imaginations that conjure nondescript sounds in the dark? We haven’t had a drink in three days. It’s cool inside. We feel our dampened clothes plastered against our dried up skin, dried up like patches of camels’ hair after weeks out under the desert sun. It feels good to escape for a moment from its gaze. A temporary refreshment. “I broke a porcelain vessel to see if there was something inside. Only bones I found, but a golden signet attached to one of them, which I later took to an antiquarian who told me it was just embellished iron. Damn that tomb. Damn that place. “One of our men disappeared on the first day, and we never heard from him again. He vanished. He was there, we were looking at him, and then we all turned away our faces at the same time and he wasn’t. We looked for him until nightfall, and the bivouacked on the external staircase, the flames and the smoke of our fire rising up into the starry night sky. That night we kept watch, but no one slept anyway. “‘My mother,’ one of our porters said ‘would take me into these regions in search for seashells when I was a kid. We would be here for weeks, combing the sands at night with oil lanterns. Those shells sold well for tourists. I think they are popular in the Inner Ring. Something to do with age preservers and creams and all that riff riff about women’s beauty. My mother died years ago.’ “Someone was smoking a cigarette. The smell filled the air. I hadn’t smelled real tobacco for at least a decade. 

“It was the stars burning in the sky with a rare brightness that made us go into the tomb again that night. And then, we saw it. The woman was nude, and beautiful. Her white figure pale in the darkness, as if she where under the moon itself. It was dead, yet it was alive, a creature of nightmare. It’s features I can’t describe, I can only see them every night when I get her visits in my nightmares. It was there, in the middle of the room. It raised its head all putrid and gold and mercury fell from it into the ground, and its eyes were like those of serpents, but many in number. 

“Then, as suddenly as it had appeared, it went away, like a vision, some strange hologram or telltale floating in the air. We thought, for a moment, that all of it had been a dream, an hallucination; until we saw the horror that lay in each others eyes. “The terror, we called it. Our porters fled into the desert, never to be seen again. But our love of gold was great back then, and we pulled out our revolvers and went in there, not willing to be detained by a vulgar ghost of our dehydrated brains. There were five of us. I still remember their names. Tom, Patrick, James. What was the other? … oh, I forget his name now. Valiant lads. I miss them now. “There was a strange water flow in the tomb… I believe I’ve mentioned it, haven’t I? Some of us thought this was the source of what we had seen. Some sort of impurity in the air, you know? People talk about this sort of thing, vapours, all the time. You don’t know what I mean? Well, that’s alright. The thing is that there was this strange torrent. I don’t know whether it was black or transparent, it may have been the stone underneath it. It looked deeply carved, eroded; as if the waters had flowed non-stop for many a-thousand years. James drank from it, and then he couldn’t get up in three days. He was delirious in his sleep. We went outside to leave him in his cot, and it was then that we realised that the porters were gone… and believe me, we cursed them. We cursed them as if it was their fault for getting us into this wretched situation in the first place, the bastards… We had no way to leave now, we where stranded. No emergency beacon, either. We were cheap, imprudent. But we weren’t worried (yet). ‘Someone will come and pick us up eventually,’ I believe Tom said. “We went back, the three of us, Tom, Patrick and me, into the antechamber. God may curse our soft brains at that moment. We were blinded in an ecstasy of gold, I see it now. We were chasing a dream, something that wasn’t meant for us. But at that time I still felt the gold trinket burning in my pocket, and I wanted more, desperately. I envisioned myself already crowned in my own planet, a great businessman or something, an important figure, a great discoverer at least. There were no dead or undead or living mummy signs anymore, anywhere, so we proceeded, penetrating deep and then deeper into the excavated halls. I still remember the grainy texture of the sandstone on the walls, the some-time polished but now broken and disheveled white marble on the floor. “There were sprawling corridors, straight and lined up. Sarcophagi on every side. It was way bigger than we had thought. We had underestimated the inner size of the place from the outside, and now we were struck at its grandeur. The funerary chamber… we had thought it was only one. We decided to split to cover more ground (and so we wouldn’t need to share our riches). I remember I took the middle path. The silence hurt in my tympani. I recall the atmosphere turning oppressive, aggravating, as if there was a huge weight piling on top of me with every step I took. But I was greedy. God! I was greedy. I lined my coat pockets with all the gems in the statues and urns: black obsidian scarabs, burning bright red rubies, big as eyes; sapphires, emeralds, even a long diamond necklace around the neck of a corpse standing on foot, that I assumed to be of a woman; perhaps some great queen of old. “As soon as my weary pacing made me feel lost, as in some sort of labyrinth, a drowsiness began to overcome me. But my languor wasn’t what concerned me at that moment; but the resurgence of the presence hitherto gone, that I suddenly felt, unseen, behind my back, and, when I turned, behind me again; to the point where cold shivers began to run down my spine. I dared not call for my companions. I dared not wonder what misfortunes may have befallen them already. “Breathing down my neck now I felt a fear. The sensation of a fear. It was very close to me. No I dared not turn. I felt it moving, back there, lifeless. I dared not turn. And then I felt its cold touch, dead, rotten, but a burning underneath, on my arm. I turned and saw the horror. The vast pools of its eyes. Its eyes. Gods, I can’t” 

The man lays his head on his knees, his fingers over his eyes. Someone gives him a drink, and he seems to reinvigorate with the attention so dispatched. He continued: 

“I don’t know what happened then. I must have screamed, for they came back for me. My friends, I mean. Tom, Patrick. They later said that they had found me on the floor, writhing in shock, like a serpent, as if something had poisoned my mind. They carried me out of there, and stole my most precious gold in the process –they later claimed they never found it. They carried me outside, and the fresh air of the night insufflated life into my body and my lungs. I felt awake again. But the eyes, those damned eyes, black; I can’t describe how, burning black, in all tones of evil colour between heaven and hell were now burnt upon my corneas, restless; vanishing and persecuting me in my sleep, in day and night of a constant nightmare. 

“My friends went in for more riches. I never saw them again. We dared not go back in. We almost dared not call. James was on the brink of death from the poison in the water, but he came back. One of the porters also emerged again from the desert, eventually, all cowering in apologies, and we joined a trade caravan and got the hell out of there two days later. And that’s how it happened –” 

“That’s not all that happened.” 

One of the men looked at the old storyteller from under the wide brim of his hat. 

“Tell them the whole truth.” 

The old man swallows. It’s almost like he is going to retort, but something in the strangers poise detains him. Suddenly, he begins speaking again, his eyes wondering upon the bottles of liquor and malt stored in shelves on the wall. “We… we did look for them. They were eaten alive. As if by spiders, or scarabs, or tarantulas… some sort of insect. There was gold on them. A lot of it. But no eyes. Their eyes, someone had taken. I don’t know why, or for what purpose. Well, I’ve tried to forget. For the living undead mummy now had eyes when it looked at me in the nights, and told me not to speak of it. It had many voices. It spoke in many tongues, all of them cruel. It said it would hunt me until my death… and now it will.” “I believe, old man,” says David, \[who had awakened at the mention of the strange ghosts,\] sipping on rum next to the fire, “that you had one or two too many drinks back in the day.” 

The old man’s eyes flash towards him in anger. He doesn’t say anything else. He picks up his hat from the bar, fits it on his balding head, and leaves. Winds and heat of the desert sweep the entrance. 

The man in the wide-brimmed hat spoke a few more words 

“That’s not the true story. They came back in once again. At least once again. Some say that the old man killed his friends, for the treasure or for a woman or for something else. When he came back he was rich. And then he came out with that story about the undead and the eyes. Probably thinks he is getting away from the gallows by pleading mad–“ “I heard,” he says, “that they explored that cave, or that tomb; and that they explored it thoroughly, and that whatever it was they found, they wanted not or dared not share with anyone. But I know for a fact there’s something there. Something in there, alive. I once rode by near the place. There’s a dreary feeling in the air. The wind is colder out there. And, if you listen closely, there’s like a breeze flowing from the innards of the stone, from under that black door, as if the stone was breathing; or calling. I’ve never experienced nothing like that. Not anywhere in here, in the desert. And I know the desert well enough. “We will go in tomorrow.” 
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2021.10.20 13:52 HallowHools400 why did god make it to where people age?

if ageing did not exist we could talk to people born in the 1800s and medieval ages but for some reason god made it to where we cant because he was the one that made it to where people age right?
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