Mirrored Glass Prefabricated Cabins in Maldonado, Uruguay

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2021.10.20 13:50 elevatedbake My husband has been more work and grief than I feel like I can handle since I became sick May 2020

I’m 33F and he is 32M, I’ve been going to therapy since March, and talking to him every week or two about how unhappy I am taking care of myself and our entire household while being chronically sick and he plays video games or sits on his phone every night after work.
He’s gotten better, but I still have to remind him 4x to do most normal house chores and if I don’t bring it up or remind him you better believe it’s not getting done. Running two peoples lives with a pain/anxiety disorder is just not working very well for my mental health.
I see him organizing work and his computer games and nerd books so I know he is choosing not to organize the rest of his life to take it off my plate. I’ve been suggesting therapy for him all year and he’s gone to a few sessions then ghosted his therapist. (That I found and made the appt for)
I found him another therapist and he made an appt a month out. (Useless) and I fully believe he will also stop going to this one and become stagnant again.
My problem is, I quit my office job last year because I literally could not work I was so sick. And my disability claim is still undecided and even if it is, we make $10k a month and I’ll be making $900 a month on disability. I don’t think I can even live by myself and get fodmap groceries I need to eat with my condition. 😭 I have some part time stuff I do but it’s like $100 a month!
Feeling very trapped right now and could use some love and advice. He’s been my best friend and partner for 10 years but I have always taken care of everything and now I can’t. And apparently after a year of asking maybe I need to realize he cannot either?
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2021.10.20 13:50 Foxbat40 The Devine Demon {Chapter 66}

Lilith awoke to find it was still dark in the room making her think that it was still night time. She then remembered that this room had no windows and was completely made out of stone. So she got dressed in her bra, skirt and Camisole and started to go up stairs to ask for the time. Once in the common room she realized there was a clock and it said it was 7:15 in the morning. She then decided to use the restroom before heading up for breakfast. Noodle Two was following her so she made sure to warn him before taking a look at the toilet in the back room on the left. It was plumbed with water much like a toilet in her own world. She then remembered they were up on a cliff only a quarter mile from the sea so organizing a drainage system that far was actually an easy task for a city like Waterdeep. She then turned her body around and brought her tail into the restroom and felt around with it blindly until she was sure it was in position.
Once she was done she found she had made a mess of the room as the toilet was not nearly big enough. Lilith thought for a moment wondering how she could get rid of the waste and leave the toilet and counter in place using her magic. She ruled out Disintegrate as that was a beam attack and would likely go into the floor. Then she considered Polymorph but decided there were too many ways it could go horribly horribly wrong. Finally she settled on Fabricate as it was intended to move specific materials around precisely. Lilith cast Fabricate and lifted the mess and flushed the toilet feeding the waste down at a pace the water could handle. She then cast prestidigitation on herself and left the room satisfied but knowing a larger toilet was needed. It hadn’t been a problem in Daggerford because their restrooms just dropped directly into a large sewer with no pipes to speak of. The sewer in Daggerford then flowed out to the river making the water down stream from it, questionable at best. ‘Good thing it flows into a swamp’ Lilith thought to herself.
Lilith then decided to do some more reading and then head up for breakfast. Brother Amon met her on the first floor. He said that Feldin was training for a while more but he was available if they needed to leave the campus. Lilith just went to eat breakfast with Noodle Two on her shoulder as the paladin joined her seeming to have worked up a sweat already that morning.
“So what kind of training were you doing?” Lilith asked noticing the wet patches underneath what looked like commoners clothes except he was wearing shorts.
“I was using our secret weapon. A technique that Lathander has taught us.” He said with a sly grin as they entered the food line.
“Oh and whats that?” Lilith asked with a great deal of interest.
“We call them weights. We use them to strengthen our bodies so that we can have an advantage in battle.”
“That really isn’t much of a secret you know. We use them all the time on the world I am from.”
“Really, what for? I thought your world was more peaceful than ours.” he asked as they began loading food onto their plates from the buffet.
“Well life is so easy there that we don’t get a lot of exercise. We use an alternative to magic to clean our clothes do the dishes help us travel from place to place. So we use weights to help us tire out our muscles so that we look better.”
“Look better? Are you saying that people lift weights in your world for vanities sake?”
“Well it improves your health and makes you look better. So its not pure vanity. Some people actually enjoy their workout and join clubs to do them together.” she explained as they exited the line.
“I guess that makes some sense. Now where is your compatriot I know she went to visit her parents yesterday aren’t you expecting her back soon?” Brother Amon asked as he sat down at a table while Lilith coiled herself to take up less room.
“She will be here soon. I imagine her mom is cooking her breakfast right now.”
Noodle Two moved off her shoulder and sat in a chair at their table while watching Lilith patiently.
“I see, and do you really have to feed that snake at the table with us?” Amon asked seeming a bit preterbed.
“Of course he likes to eat food just as much as I do.”
“Yes food makes me happy like a good head rub for several hours.” Noodle Two said as Lilith handed him a few pieces of ham she had cut up.
Lilith didn’t have to eat she just enjoyed the sensation so much it was hard to pass up, especially with the smells of both people and food mixing in the air constantly. She had two plates of food but was sharing some with her Familiar.
Lilith then heard a strange cracking noise coming from Noodle Two as he finished his ham. His scales appeared dull and his eyes were white. His skin then broke away revealing shiny scales underneath. The shed flew off in several different directions and then dissolved into nothingness. Looking at him with surprise Lilith noticed he was about a half again as large as before now about 15’ long his head and eyes looked considerably larger.
Noodle Two looked up at Lilith just as confused as she was and asked. “What just happened Ms. Devine? I couldn’t see for a second but now I see better.” He asked as he shook his head and looked down at his empty plate.
“I think you just got bigger.” she said pointing a fork in his direction.
“Ya he sure did that is one big snake Lils.”
“Ok maybe I do need to stop feeding them.” Lilith admitted.
“Or feed us more.” Noodle Two suggested as he eyed some of the food on Lilith’s plate.
Lilith then thought to herself for a second remembering back to how her legs and tail got bigger in just a few days back in Daggerford. The changes seemed to happen almost instantly when she was either asleep or busy doing something. She suspected this had something to do with the demon life cycle that she read about but had so far ignored. All of her major changes had come from Lathander but that didn’t mean she or the Noodles still couldn’t change from normal means like eating food.
“Crap I think we might both have to go on a diet I don’t know what I might look like if I change any farther.” Lilith said with a bit of dread in her voice.
“Yes, I am afraid if you get much bigger you won’t fit in a cart.” Amon said with one eyebrow lowered in her direction.
Lilith considered the implication for a moment but decided she could just move herself by jumping just as quickly as a cart. The only real advantage was being able to travel as a group. “Come on Noodle we need to go Visit Father Trendel I have some news to report to him.”
“Oh and what kind of news do you have to deliver?”
“I need to tell him about the Warlock near Cromm’s Hold. We need to root him out before he can do any more damage.” Lilith said as she stabbed a piece of scrambled eggs with her fork.
“Yes he can locate him, with the help of Lathander of course.”
“Of course.” Lilith repeated as she got up leaving half her food on her plate. Noodle Two then went to climb up her and found that he had to coil around an extra time to keep his tail from going below her waist.
“Um do you want to change first?” Amon asked
“Yes and you had better fetch Feldin I will meet you in front of the Cathedral.” she confirmed with a nod.
Lilith then headed down stairs to change into a set of commoner’s clothes while Amon went off to find Feldin. Once dressed, she picked up Noodle Two again and went up fully clothed, with her living jewelry around her neck.
Sure enough they re-convened at the Entrance to the cathedral as Waterdavians and clergy were leaving the main sanctuary. Amon tried to walk into the throng but quickly realized Lilith couldn’t follow so he waited as the crowd passed. The people were packed so tightly as they exited that most could not see her lower body. But as the crowd cleared a few visitors drew in sharp breaths and stepped away from her quickly, many of them looking at the paladins as if it was their fault. Soon she could move again and rounded the corner to head for the side hall with Brother Feldin just behind her.
Amon led the way to the back of the Cathedral and the Morninglord’s office just behind the last door on the left. He knocked but got no reply for a moment then a clear voice was hear bidding him to enter.
Just like last time Lilith went in and circled around the office coming back to the front of the desk to ‘stand’ next to Brother Amon.
Father Trendel gave her a curious look as she did this even though it should have been expected. ‘Maybe I should have asked for permission this time too?’ Lilith thought.
“So Lilith what brings you….. and your familiar here this morning. I trust everything is fine with your room?”
Lilith let out a nervous laugh and ran her hand across her face as if to hide her embarrassment preemptively. “They are fine accommodations to be sure but the toilet wasn’t big enough this morning. But don’t worry I think I can fix it.”
“If you insist but don’t forget we want you to be comfortable here so if there is anything we can do please don’t hesitate to ask.”
“Thanks Father but the reason I came here was because of what I learned during the interrogation of Lady Cromm yesterday afternoon. It seems there is a warlock hiding in the hills East of Cromm’s Hold that stirred up the giants. I have a rough idea of where he is since I think the giants tried to retreat to the hills after we killed two of their number.”
“That is troubling news. I will consult with Lathander on this and have a plan ready by noon. While I am hesitant to send you and Celeste out before your training is complete, this is the type of mission that you are best suited for especially if it involves a cave.”
“I assume we will be going with them your grace?” Amon asked.
“Yes it all depends on what Lathander says but you should both prepare for travel down to Comm’s Hold. Is there anything else Lilith?”
“Yes my familiar got bigger.” Lilith said as she pointed to Noodle Two who was now coiled three times around her neck and shoulders.
“I am worried that I may get bigger too since I am eating everyday as well.”
“Then stop eating.” He said bluntly.
Lilith gave him a pained look as if he had just asked for the impossible.
“Or eat less?” He offered.
“I may be able to do that.” she said with a nod.
“In any case, Wendel did have a point yesterday, there is no way we can fit two of you in that tower. So try to get a handle on it.” The Father suggested.
“I will try.” Lilith said as she patted Noodle two on his sizable head.
“Ok go study some more I will find you when I have word from Lathander. And don’t break the tower it is below ground and it can fill with water if any of the plumbing breaks.”
“I know a thing or two about construction Father I will manage.” Lilith said as she bowed to him and exited the room.”
“Nice hat.” Noodle Two said as he bobbed his head from Lilith’s shoulders. Lilith thought the comment odd but then realized his head was resting over a foot higher than hers so he probably had a great view of the Morninglord’s ornate head wear.
The group then moved out of the office both Brothers following behind Lilith. Then as they were exiting the Cathedral they heard a commotion and saw a great many of the faithful looking up. Knowing who it was, Lilith rushed out to greet Celeste as she circled the Tower of Strength and landed in the courtyard. Her friend still in her giant eagle form hopped over to Lilith and lowered her head before making a few calls and clicks. “I’m back.” she said loudly.
“Ok bird brain get back into your normal form, we have some planning to do.” Lilith said directly into her mind as Noodle One slid off her back.
Celeste then shifted back into her human form and looked at Lilith with a bit of concern. “Why what happened?”
“Nothing major, but we have a mission tonight. I can’t say what it is in the open like this so lets go to our room.” she said as she pointed a thumb in the direction of the Tower of Rest.
“Oh good I need to put these down somewhere anyways and uhh… there is something we need to discuss.” Celeste said as she was holding a travel bag in each hand and looking like the cat that ate the canary.
The two of them then headed for the Tower of Rest the guards giving the young wizard a friendly nod after seeing her aerial display and landing.
“You have eaten already, right.” Lilith asked as Celeste handed off the heavy bags to Feldin who carried them both in one hand.
“Yes I probably won’t eat again all day, I am stuffed.” she said obviously having been fed well by her parents.
“I won’t be eating much either apparently.” Lilith said as she began sliding down the stairs.
“Oh and why is that.” Celeste asked as she saw Noodle Two resting on Lilith’s shoulders looking a bit larger than usual. “Wait did your noodle get bigger too?”
“Ya he is about 15’ long now and twice as heavy.”
“I am sorry if I am too big for you now Ms. Devine.” Noodle Two said from her shoulder.
“I can carry you just fine Noodle don’t you worry.” she said as she entered the common area and let the snake off her shoulder. Noodle One soon caught up and stood next to him and sure enough they both hooded up and stood about 5’ tall at the head, nearly the same height as Celeste.
“Ya he suddenly got a lot bigger at dinner last night.” Celeste said with a slight grimace on her face. “It gave my parents a bit of a scare.”
“I apologized many times but then they started apologizing to me. Did I apologize wrong oh golden one?” Noodle One asked as he swayed side to side a motion Lilith had come to understand as being uneasy or nervousness.
“No its ok they just felt bad about making you feel bad. So what does this have to do with you not eating any more?”
“Well I am worried I might grow in the same way. Like if I get over a certain amount of energy poof I might be 50% bigger in a flash.” Lilith said as she found some blank paper and an enchanted pen and placed them both on a desk.
Brother Feldin returned after placing the bags in Celeste's room and looked on as the two girls continued to talk at break neck speed.
“Ya that could be bad. How much do you weigh anyways?”
“About the same as the two horses that were pulling the cart yesterday. I moved them as much as they moved me when I shifted my weight.” Lilith said as she looked at Brother Amon.
“Those horses are about 1500 lbs each Lils. No more ham for you.” He said as he shook his head in disapproval.
“Fine but If I can’t enjoy a good meal I will enjoy a good bath.” Lilith said as she began to sketch out a drawing for a large in floor bath. That was 15’ by 15’ and 5’ deep.
As Lilith was drawing using a small book as a straight edge, Celeste spoke up and asked an important question. “So what is this mission you mentioned outside.”
“The prosecutor had Lilith get some more information out of Lady Cromm.” Amon said as it seemed Lilith wasn’t paying attention.
“Really?” Celeste asked but Lilith just nodded as she was busy drawing. “So what did she do to make her talk?”
“It sounded like she tricked her and laughed along with her until she mentioned some warlock in the hills named the Joker.” Amon said with a bit of a smile.
“Oh but we can’t do the same thing we did last time. I can’t carry you any more Lilith.”
“Its ok I have a plan already.” Lilith said as she started marking down materials and colors for each part of the tile and piping.
“Well don’t leave us waiting, woman.” Amon said his hands outstretched.
Lilith continued marking a few things and then made a show of setting down her pen. “Well I can’t go with you but the two Brother can. So that means the three of you have to find the warlock’s hideout and then call me with Sending and I will teleport right to you.”
“Yes but how will we find it. What are we even looking for?”
“Foot prints a trail, he had to be tied to the giants somehow. Lady Cromm said he was the one that stirred them up. I think there has to be a large cave there in the hills East of Cromm’s Hold. That is where the Giants were running to when I killed them.” she explained
“So we can look at the bodies of the dead giants and look what direction they were running when they died?” Brother Amon asked as he looked around the room.
“Yep.” Lilith said with a nod.
“Well that’s a plan at least.” Brother Feldin said as he sat on a leather chair having taken off his sword and set it aside.
“Ya its something but we are going to do It at night so we need to do some pact magic.” Lilith said as she looked at the two paladins with a grin that only Celeste recognized.
“So what do we need to do?” Celeste asked.
“I am thinking permanent Darkvision for all three of you and then Mage Armor for all of you as well.”
Lilith and Celeste discussed the wording and decided to give Lilith 1 gold piece for permanent dark vision for Celeste, Amon and Feldin.
Then then made the pact and the two paladins instantly saw the difference. Even with the lighting from the magical crystals overhead they could now see into corners and shadows.
“Ok that is nice I can see a lot better. And this is permanent?” Feldin asked as he looked around the room.
“Yes it is, as long as I don’t give this gold piece back to Celeste.” Lilith said as she held up a single gold coin and then went to her night stand to store it for safe keeping.
“Now for the mage armor right?” Celeste asked. Lilith started trying to configure a pact with Mage Armor but it didn’t work. It was a self only spell. So her and Celeste worked on the wording to give Lilith Mage Armor any time she bit her tongue. After they agreed on the wording the pact went through and Lilith had another gold piece in her hand.
“That's not fair why do you get paid for casting a spell on yourself?”
“It was your request mortal.” Lilith said in her best evil voice.
Celeste just stuck out her tongue in reply as both the paladins laughed.
Lilith then put her tongue between her teeth and put pressure on it till the spell activated.
Seeing this Celeste cast Mage Armor on herself as well seeing as it lasted 16 hours.
The Noodles then asked if they could come along stating that they have very good eyes in the dark. Lilith of course told them no as she didn’t know what they could do in a fight nor how durable they were. Lilith then got another sheet of paper and began sketching out a larger toilet that could be set to run water continuously for better elimination.
Now with both of the drawings complete she gave them to Feldin who agreed to deliver them to Father Trendel’s office. Soon he was heading up the stairs and out of sight papers in hand.
Lilith was about to start reading some more when there was a knock on the door about two minutes after Brother Feldin had left. “Come in” Lilith called in a loud voice as Brother Amon walked over to the stairwell to look up at their visitor.
“Hello I was told that Lilith resided here.” a young male voice said sounding a bit nervous. “Yes she is here studying.” Brother Amon said still wondering why this cleric was there.
“Show him in Amon I don’t’ need you screening my visitors. Keeping the town guards from stabbing me is nice but this I don’t need protecting from.” Lilith said loud enough that everyone could hear.
Amon just made a gesture ushering the cleric in to see her.
“Ah good Lilith, Celeste how are you two doing? Is Waterdeep treating you well?”
“I am from here actually but it is Lilith’s first time here.” Celeste said as she was sitting closest to the door.
Lilith then moved away from the desk and said “It is Dawnbringer Most correct?” Lilith asked receiving a nod.
“But please call me Paul I don’t think I am worthy of that title yet. I haven’t even completed my first mission.”
“Yes you were telling us about a murder in Nightstone.” Celeste said as she stood to greet him.
After Amon showed him to a seat he continued, “I wanted to finish my story and maybe get your perspective on it as you two may have a unique insight.”
Brother Amon now took a seat as well in the leather chair Feldin had used.
“It is not often that a story gets interrupted by the appearance of a god, but I wasn’t expecting to see you so soon.” Lilith said moving to Celeste's side so he could speak to both of them more easily.
“Yes well, I am heading back to Nightstone this afternoon so I needed to speak to you now before I leave. I think I explained how a man’s daughter ran away by hitching a ride on a cart. The girl was named Avery and her father was Mr. Senlin. He is in prison in Nightstone now for the murder of Brad Fletcher. While I believe he committed the murder out of anger that his daughter was kidnapped, I can’t understand why he would kill his fellow countryman with no other evidence than the fact that the two of them disappeared on the same day. I mean why didn’t he talk to him and ask. I spoke to Avery just two days ago, that is why I am back in Waterdeep you see, and she was deeply confused. She told Mr. Fletcher to speak to her father and tell him of her trip but it seems they never spoke. Mr. Senlin just attacked him sight unseen upon his return. I have spoken to some of the senior priests but they seem to think it was something to do with Mr. Senlin’s nature but I think there has to be another explanation.”
“Yes how did this man get to his age and raise a daughter without murdering her or someone else if he was so easy to trigger?” Amon asked in a pointed tone.
“Exactly, there has to be another explanation and I thought that two clerics that were new to the organization, and not as jaded might think that way too.”
“So he just attacked him upon his return? Was his cart still packed when they found him dead?” Lilith asked, Paul now having her full attention.
“Mr. Fletcher was in the process of unloading it when the attack occurred in front of his house. The man was a farmer who lived alone, his family is here in Waterdeep so no one came to his aid.” He said as she shook his head perhaps not wanting to remember the crime scene.
“The only think I can think of is that a rational man would not bother having a conversation with a person whom he could not trust and also hated. Why bother talking, if you think the response would just be a lie?” Lilith pointed out.
“I think you may have a point but they lived on opposite sides of town and Avery thinks that they didn’t know each other.” the cleric said as he pointed at Lilith with a finger and then threw his hands up in frustration.
“Then maybe someone else was the connection between them.” Amon suggested.
“Yes someone may have spoken about Mr. Fletcher and given Mr Senlin a bad impression of him like maybe a town gossip.” Celeste said as she stood and pointed back at Paul.
“That may be the case. So now I need to find this person and convince them to stop poisoning the community. But how do I find this gossip in a town that I am not familiar with?” The cleric asked as he motioned for Celeste to sit back down.
“Perhaps you should offer to listen to prayers about other people.” Lilith suggested
“Like a community prayer event, focused on prayer for others…. Hummm..Do you think the gossip will stand out?” Paul asked seeming a bit skeptical.
“Oh ya, they will be the one where the prayer is sensational and salacious and also none of their business. It should be pretty obvious. Heck they may even be the first one in line.” Lilith confirmed.
Brother Amon laughed to himself a bit making both Celeste and Paul turned to him. “So what do you plan to do once you find this gossiper who poisoned the community?” The Brother asked.
“I have not decided yet but I will consult with the senior cleric assigned to advise me. They gave me a sending stone so I could speak to him up to six times a day while I am in Nightstone but I am going to speak to him next as he is here on the campus.” Paul then stood while holding his Holy Symbol. “I am so glad I could speak to you all. This has been a big help I may actually be successful in my first mission after all.” Paul said with a smile.
“I am just glad we got to hear the rest of the story.” Celeste said before she caught herself, “I mean its tragic, but it is good to know why it happened and that something is going to be done about it.”
“I know what you mean.” he said with a nod as he walked around a desk to Celeste’s side. “Thanks for helping me figure this out, I only hope I can help you in return some day.” Paul said as he shook hands with both Celeste and Lilith.
“Well we got our first mission today. How are you at killing warlocks?” Lilith said as she watched him move to the landing.
“I am glad to hear it. Till the next dawn.” the cleric said with a wave as he left the room going up the stairs.
“Noodles! What are you up to?” Lilith asked as she thought that the two snakes had been a little too quiet while she had been visiting with Paul.
They both came around the corner and stood where the hall met the common area. Lilith was shocked for a second but then remembered how much they had grown. Seeing them standing almost as high as a person was a different sight than she was used to. “We were talking on your bed Ms. Devine.” Noodle One explained.
“Oh what about.” She asked moving over to pet them both on the head.
“I was telling him about Celeste’s home and how kind her parents were.” Noodle One said as he leaned into Lilith’s hand now that it was his turn for a pet.
“Oh maybe I will have to have dinner there some time too.” Lilith said as she turned and gave Celeste a knowing look.
“I am working up to it first a 10’ noodle then a 15’ noodle and soon a 35’ Lilith it just has to happen in stages.” Celeste said looking a little nervous.
“Well its a good thing you got the 10’ and the 15’ stages done at the same time.” She said jokingly.
“Shut-up. It was scary when it happened. I thought he exploded or something and he made a funny noise.” Celeste said pounding her fist into her chair.
Just then Feldin came back in to the room and saw a much bigger Noodle One move over to Celeste and make a ‘Boof’ noise as he pretended to explode.
“I am glad to see you lot are attending to the serious business of the day.” Brother Feldin said as he walked into the room carrying a couple of backpacks loaded with supplies.
“Oh how did it go? Did you deliver the drawings?” Lilith asked.
“Yes and I spoke to Father Trendel. He had already contacted Lathander and wanted us to get moving as quickly as we could. So we need to get short stuff here to the armory and get a set of chain mail fitted for her.”
Celeste stood up with a giant smile on her face. “Alright I’m ready.”
“First let me convey the father’s message. He said ‘The warlock is on the move and the Lord of Undeath walks with him. If we can stop him before his next plan comes to fruition we may save many lives.’ so it sounds like we need to get moving before tonight.”
“I would agree. Lilith get your armor on and bring the new sword. The three of us will head out just like planned and you can teleport to us when we get there.”
“Ok I think we are meeting at the bodies of the giants, correct?” Lilith said wanting to make sure they were on the same page.
“Yes and you will have to make me giant sized before we leave. No offense guys but you are heavy in that armor.” Celeste added.
“Ok y'all go ahead. I will meet you in the courtyard when you are done.” Lilith said with a nod.
Amon and Feldin began putting on their packs while Lilith went to her room to get dressed. She took off the commoner’s dress and put on her arming jacket and armor. Then she picked up her new sword and scabbard. She then heard the distinctive footsteps of the two paladins going up the stairs as she put a coin purse with 20 gold into her bosom. Lilith then went up stairs two floors and across the skyway to the meditation room. There she stood close to the large Holy Symbol of Lathander and spoke to it.
“Dear lord please give me the strength I need to defeat our enemies and find those that would do us harm.” Lilith said and then she stood with her head bowed waiting for a reply. After a full minute she looked up and saw that the Holy Symbol was focused on her. She then heard a kind voice say the two words she didn’t want to hear. “I’m Sorry.”
Lilith knew this could only mean one of two things. Either she wouldn’t be able to find the warlock in time or else she wouldn’t be strong enough to face him. But she would just have to be more cautious and work with her friends. Lilith knew that if he could tell her more he would have. So she took the message for what it was bowed to the symbol again and then went down to the courtyard.
It was getting close to lunch time as the sun was nearly overhead. A great many of the Faithful were heading to the Tower of Rest just as she was leaving it. A few that she recognized from the viewing the previous day said hello to her as she went over to the Tower of Protection. Lilith asked a female priest manning the front desk about the function of that tower and she explained that it was the armory for the paladins and clerics that were stationed at the Cathedral.
With time to spare Lilith contacted Kevin via sending “Hello Kev hows your day going?” she said as she felt their minds connect.
“I am taking a break from Bindi’s training. Is Wendel with you? He still hasn’t returned.”
Lilith was sure he would have been back in Daggerford by now so she decided to scry for him before sending a reply back to Kevin.
Lilith said the rune words for Scying and thought of Wendel the impetuous wizard in the blue robes. She then got a vision of him in a magical item shop. He was asking about a particular person wondering if he had purchased items in the past. As she watched it became clear he was still in Waterdeep and he was trying to track a person down.
Seeing that he was in no danger and was safe in the city she reported that back to Kevin who replied. “Glad to hear he is safe. Bindi is getting the hang of running and climbing and she will be studying with the Dawnbringer this afternoon.”
Lilith smiled at the thought of Kevin and Bindi climbing trees together. It reminder her of time spent in a large ash tree with her older brother for the few years they lived together. She then had to turn back to the task at hand and used Sending to contact Celeste. “Celeste are you in the Tower of Protection? I am outside the entrance.” Lilith said into her mind.
The reply came back but it was jilted as if she was distracted and couldn’t close her eyes. “Yes I am on… Second..Floor….Half Done.”
Map of Waterdeep Waterdeep is the most important port city on the sword coast also called the City of Splendors.
Map of Faerun Daggerford is on the Sword Coast, South East of Waterdeep and south of the Sword Mountains
Wiki First
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2021.10.20 13:50 Old-Baby7201 Está porque me gusto mi pelo

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2021.10.20 13:50 MayowaAsaolu 👋 “Hey Pal League” is a collection of 10,000 pal NFTs. Original hand-drawn collectibles, each one unique. We have a daily NFT giveaways. Our cool Pals grow organically from our community of artists and art lovers, and our amazing loyal fans

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2021.10.20 13:50 PuppyLover77 Win a Gozney Master Oven Outdoor Pizza Oven {US CA UK AU EU} (10/31/2021)

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2021.10.20 13:50 ShortAlgo $ECHO Waiting for Buy signal

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2021.10.20 13:50 linguageo Rachel Levine: Transgender official sworn in as four-star admiral

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2021.10.20 13:50 BurstYourBubbles Canada's road to net zero will cost $2 trillion — as much as a year's GDP | Financial Post

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2021.10.20 13:50 lunlunqq001 Most rewarding kill ever

Early on in Biome 4, I decided to avenge a fallen scout and got a nice surprise at the end. Never seen any monster drops that many rewards after being killed. Take a look.
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2021.10.20 13:50 shrekxual Itachi (alive) vs obito (5 Kage summit arc)

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2021.10.20 13:50 limpydicknoah Drake the type of goofy booger to yell out "SHUT THE FRONT DOOR" when someone tells him something suprising/shocking

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2021.10.20 13:50 Immediate_Shake3969 Teen from india here , would love to answer any questions regarding india or the culture and stuff , replying to all comments :)

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2021.10.20 13:50 Wilfred517 Timeline continuity or order

Are the Ghost Recon games connected by a timeline? And are they in the same universe as Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six?
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2021.10.20 13:50 jackattack720 $WISH why all the hate, up almost 20%

Easy gap fill baby
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2021.10.20 13:50 brokenB42morrow Don't like vaccine mandates? How about being made to stay home?

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2021.10.20 13:50 OkLetsfuckx Which scene in the MCU do you wish never happened?

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2021.10.20 13:50 saharnc first attempt on my cousin with sewing needle & thread

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2021.10.20 13:50 git_world What exactly is the use case of ElasticSearch?

I see that ElasticSearch has gained a lot of popularity recently. Afaik it gives a fuzzy search feature on the logs created your application. I'm wondering what's the use case of it? How does it fit along with Kibana? Can someone give a real world example and eli5?
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2021.10.20 13:50 Havvocck2 Alyssa Milano arrested during a voting rights protest at the White House

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