Planetudes multidimensional

2021.10.20 12:49 -Hamadryad- Planetudes multidimensional

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2021.10.20 12:49 Quick_Garden_1569 🚀 🚀 Low Market Cap - (50K MC) 🚀🚀 $Cswap (Crypto Swap) - [Bsc] 🚀 – Is a community-driven token on the Binance Smart Chain | 👩‍🎨 An NFT revolution 👩‍🎨 | 🔒 Liquidity Locked 🔒 |

Introduction to Crypto Swap
CRYPTO SWAP is a community-driven token on the Binance Smart Chain. Already developing our own Marketplace. We Will explore Crypto Swap NFTs and we will create an ecosystem with the development team with Crypto Swap.
📝 Contract: 0x901307edaf845dabbfa1205936f81dbe13dd41aa 📝
Token: Crypto Swap
Symbol: CSWAP
Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 CSWAP
✅ Redistribution fee - 10%
◻️ Liquidity Pool - 3%
◻️ Holders Rewards - 5%
◻️ Marketing Wallet - 2%
🔒 Liquidity Locked 1 year ✅
💻 Experienced Dev on Crypto ✅
🤍 Transparent Team ✅
✈️ Clean Whitepaper & Roadmap ✅
Useful Links
📲 Official Telegram:
🖥 Website:
🐥 Twitter:
🔒 Liquidity Locked: 🔒
💰 Buy Crypto Swap (Pancakeswap): 💰
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2021.10.20 12:49 tk421tech EDD phone menu has changed, any tips?

Looks like the phone menu has changed , now one must enter social security #, pin, then one can press 0 to speak to representative. This of course makes sense as they are trying to authenticate users, but it also delays the process to get through to speak with a representative.
Any ideas on how to get to a representative quicker?
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2021.10.20 12:49 Kindlsticks shino fan art (OC)

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2021.10.20 12:49 anon_blade ErgoDEX tweets a harsh reminder

Ergodex Tweet
Pretty harsh announcement. Almost like they wanted to declare the break up and give a "reminder" to the investors
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2021.10.20 12:49 Critical_Drawing Need Gifts 0278 5774 5470

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2021.10.20 12:49 nothing_fits What do you think is the future of Bitcoin?

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2021.10.20 12:49 belaiz 🔷DRIVENx 2.0 - Made for humans by humans | Auditing Services | CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko listing confirmed | Doxxed devs ✅ | Now Listed on FTX Exchange (Blockfolio)

🔷 DRIVENx is now listed on FTX Exchange (Blockfolio) FTX is currently ranked as number #5 on CoinMarketCap
🔷 DRIVENx (DVX) is a token that migrated from the previous DRIVENx contract to the DRIVENx 2.0. Our focus is on bridging the gaps between cryptocurrency and standard FIAT-based business as usual. We are excited to build a truly community-driven utility token with a variety of fantastic features.
🔷 DRIVEN’s primary goal is to bridge the needs of everyday businesses with the crypto ecosystem that enables them to use cryptocurrency for goods and services in a simple and intuitive manner, removing complexity from the current cumbersome process.
🔷 We intend to develop a whole ecosystem of smart apps that will include cryptocurrencies, and we are already working on extending it; today we launched our own DRIVEN-branded DeFi.
🔷 DRIVENx contract offers staking and farming features, as well as BUSD rewards for all holders of 5,000 DVX tokens, giving holders a variety of options to earn passive revenue
🔷 The migration to the DRIVENx v2.0 contract was fair-launched with 24,000$ in liquidity provided without the need for a presale because fair-launch has always been a priority in our DRIVENecosystem.
🔷 We also have an auditing service as part of our ecosystem which is called DRIVENsecurity - a service that delivers fundamental and technical analysis for DeFi projects
📢 Contract Address:
🚨 Deflationary System
For each and every transaction,
4% is returned to the liquidity pool 🔒
4% rewarded to holders in BUSD 📈
4% is placed in a development wallet (BUSD) 💰
🔷 Details
Token Name: DRIVENx
Token Symbol: DVX
Token Type: BEP-20
Supply: 200,000,000 (10.0% burned on launch, 20.0% burned manually in batches over time)
🔗 Links :
Website 🌐:
Twitter 🐦:
Telegram 💬:
DRIVENxSwap ✅:
GitBook 🖐:
YouTube video 📹:
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2021.10.20 12:49 Bonds_Girl Yes, for most of us, the Ketogenic lifestyle is NOT easy, but the results can be worth it!

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2021.10.20 12:49 Camaroni1000 Which character that you have created is your favorite?

Love seeing ideas that people come up with for characters so what’s y’all’s favorite character that you’ve made?
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2021.10.20 12:49 lss_bvt_ios_01 LssTest-TextPost-80217

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2021.10.20 12:49 Jenny0316hopkins Harmony ONE deployed on SmashCash Platform!!!

Yes that’s right! Harmony ONE token is deployed on SmashCash Platform! Now, that is special, since SmashCash is the first platform to deploy Harmony ONE.
SmashCash adds 10th token to the rooster of tokens the platform enables users to conduct private and anonymous transactions.
During the last few months, SmashCash has been expanding its presence by settling on new blockchains. The protocol already got deployed on Ether, Binance chain, MATIC, AVAX, Moonriver , Fantom, Harmony one, Solana, xDai and Arbitrum.
We are glad to inform you that our journey isn’t finished yet. SmashCash is still on the move and intends to continue its conquest.
The next stop? Harmony ONE.
As of now, SmashCash smart contracts are ready to join Harmony ONE, the fastest smart contracts platform in the industry. By getting deployed on Harmony ONE, SmashCash will be part of an extensive blockchain network known for its scalability, customization, high performances and fast transactions.
It is time to welcome the Harmony ONE as a pool on SmashCash.
Harmony was founded in 2018 by Stephen Tse and co-founders ‌Rongjian Lan, Nick White, and Sahil Dewan. All were infrastructure engineers who used to work at Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook. Harmony launched its mainnet in June 2019 and open staking in May 2020. The team’s goals in 2020 include cross-border utility, decentralized development, and auditable privacy.
The project designed a new version of Proof-of-Stake (PoS), which it calls Effective PoS (EPoS), on its consensus layer to provide Sybil resistance. EPoS allows participants to either stake directly or delegate their holdings to an active validator in exchange for block rewards. It also incentivizes users to delegate to smaller validators, thus aiming to reduce the tendency of stake centralization. Other EPoS components include reward compounding, double-sign slashing (to keep validators in check), and unavailability checking.
Harmony raised an $18.3 million private round, a $5.5 million node round (led by Binance Labs and HashKey Capital), and a $5 million initial exchange offering (IEO) through Binance Launchpad.
At present, Harmony consists of 1,000 nodes, with 640 managed by community members. The Harmony Foundation maintains the remaining nodes, but the organization does not collect any staking rewards. As the network progresses, the team intends to open up the remaining node slots to the community.
Random State sharding
Harmony uses sharding, a technique used to split a database (in this case, a blockchain) into multiple segments that can process information in parallel. This divide and conquer approach can accelerate system performance and transaction validation speeds. Harmony divides not only our network nodes but also the blockchain state into shards. This model can lower the hardware requirements for prospective node operators.
Each Harmony shard will eventually have 250 nodes to help deter single shard attacks. The more nodes per shard, the more difficult it can be to exploit the network. The protocol also uses a Verifiable Random Function (VDF) to randomly select shard membership, thus making it more challenging for a group of nodes to coordinate an attack.
PBFT consensus
Harmony uses Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) to support “fast consensus of block transactions.” The project says this Fast BFT (FBFT) model allows it to reach finality (the likelihood a transaction ends up in an uncle or orphan block) after one block. It also employs Boneh–Lynn–Shacham (BLS) constant-sized signatures to commit blocks in a single round of consensus messages. Harmony says these elements combined enable the network to achieve 8-second block times.
Effective PoS & Token Economics Harmony features a new version of Proof-of-Stake (PoS), which it calls Effective PoS (EPoS), for network security and a “fair” token distribution. EPoS allows participants to either stake directly or delegate their holdings to an active validator in exchange for block rewards. It also incentivizes users to delegate to smaller validators, thus aiming to reduce the tendency of stake centralization. Other EPoS components include reward compounding, double-sign slashing (to keep validators in check), and unavailability checking.
SmashCash* Harmony ONE
By entering the Harmony ONE network, SmashCash will benefit from a fast & scalable network. This new opportunity will allow the protocol to attract new users and allow more crypto-holders to earn back their privacy.
Harmony ONE Metrics

Are you ready to take this amazing token to the next level?
If you look at the tokenomics you won’t believe it!
🔥🔥🔥 Tokenomics 🔥🔥🔥
Total supply: 1 Billion
✅ Market Cap (IDO) - 100K USD
✅ Fully diluted Market Cap - 1 Million.
✅ Competitor Market Cap (TORN) - 75 Million USD
✅ Competitor Fully Diluted Market Cap (TORN) - 700 Million plus
✅ Circulating Supply - 100 Million
✅ Team Tokens Locked - 3 years
✅ Blockchains Supported - 10 Blockchains
✅ Fully Open Source
✅ Audited Code
Get in before it's too late!
To know more you can visit
🔥Website: 🔥YouTube: SmashCash 🔥TG: Smash Cash 🔥Twitter: Smash Cash🚀🚀 (@smashcashio) | Twitter 🔥Medium: SmashCash – Medium 🔥Tik-Tok: @smashcashio 🔥IG: SmashCashio
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2021.10.20 12:49 hannyboo14 My Hogwarts (Gryffindor, specifically) inspired cake I made for a friend's son!

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2021.10.20 12:49 Ben409 Please don’t. Somebody needs to get the splinter cell IP away from ubisoft especially after how they butchered ghost recon breakpoint and how awfully weird it is to make an alien themed rainbow six.

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2021.10.20 12:49 Robinjo1985 Offers due on Halloween for L.A.

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2021.10.20 12:49 ShadowsNMirrors Pretexting, Ethics, and General Practices

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2021.10.20 12:49 hermarc FUCK tuna milkshakes

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2021.10.20 12:49 Zrttr (Spoilers Extended) You have to pick seven warriors from any time period of Westeros to defend your honor in a trial of seven. Who are you choosing and why?

For me:
I) Prime Bobby-B II) Daemon I Blackfyre III) Arthur Dayne IV) Brienne of Tarth V) Cregan Stark VI) Prime Barry the Bold VII) Aemon the Dragonknight
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2021.10.20 12:49 Satanicku Question;

Does anybody know if collecting animal bones that have died naturally is legal or do you have to have a license in order to collect them?? I’ve collected a sheep skull that has naturally died in the wild on an open field. I live around the United Kingdom by the way.
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2021.10.20 12:49 WolfgangDS Dread Ending Theory [SPOILERS WITHIN]

We've all seen the ending by now, right? I mean, it's been more than a week since the game was released. Buuuuut.... yeah, SPOILERS AHEAD.
Right then. So we now know that Samus was given DNA from at least two different Chozo, one of whom was Raven Beak, and the other (or others) a member of the Thoha tribe. This created a sort of conflict for the Metroid DNA she received from the vaccine she got in Fusion. The Mawkin DNA caused it to begin awakening, while the Thoha DNA was able to slow the process.
Samus' first battle against Raven Beak triggers her awakening as a Metroid and kicks the process into high gear, and she grows stronger throughout the mission until the final confrontation, when she awakens fully as a Metroid. Raven Beak's ship crashes, he gets infected, she blows him up, then she makes her escape to her ship. Before she can take off, Adam warns her not to try because she'll drain the ship's energy... and that's when an X-infected Quiet Robe (hereafter referred to as QR-X) appears behind her.
But instead of attacking her, as Samus would expect, he bows in greeting. The X then returns to its gelatinous form and allows itself to be absorbed by Samus, giving her enough of Quiet Robe's Thoha genes to give her control of her Metroid side. So the big question here is, why did this X allow Samus to absorb it? The answers I've seen are that it either did so because it knew this would turn Samus back to normal and stop her from being a Metroid, or that Quiet Robe was still somehow in control of himself after being revived and infected.
The thing is, we don't know if QR-X knew that the planet was gonna go boom and kill off its entire species. If it didn't, then the answer becomes clear: Even with newly acquired intelligence, X-parasites are surprisingly short-sighted. Their primary goal is survival and spreading, and they'll do anything to make sure that keeps happening. This is why the X-infected scientist on the BSL station tried to blow it up with Samus inside; it would have guaranteed the survival of the X on SR388. It also explains the SA-X core that allowed itself to be absorbed by Samus during the Omega Metroid fight. I don't think it knew that the station was going to explode, but it DID know that it's greatest enemy was there: An Omega Metroid. By allowing itself to be absorbed, it gave Samus the power to kill the Omega Metroid. If the X really are that short-sighted, then it would explain why QR-X gave itself to Samus so her Metroid DNA would be controlled. It's doubtful that it knew the planet was about to blow up and simply wanted to do whatever was necessary to get rid of the Metroid menace.
On the other hand, if it DID know the planet was gonna go boom, then the question remains: Why did QR-X allow itself to be absorbed? Perhaps some part of Quiet Robe was revived when he became infected. The Chozo always struck me as a rather philosophical people thanks to the Prime games. It may simply be that the Tallon IV colonists were of a currently unnamed tribe, though I'd bet that the Skytown scientists were Thoha. However, given the age of the Chozo race, I suspect that their philosophical teachings run deep. If so, QR-X may have realized that there was no point in fighting Samus as the X-parasites were doomed to extinction. I doubt Quiet Robe is spiteful, and the X, though driven by survival, tend to mimic their prey as accurately as possible. If QR-X knew that the X were doomed to extinction, then it may have decided on a genuinely moral action in helping Samus escape. Alternatively, it may have thought that it could live on in a sentimental sense via absorption by Samus (my most prominent exposure to this idea was in the final film of the Godzilla anime trilogy Godzilla: The Planet Eater).
One thing about all of this that I don't get though... why would the Thoha program the Metroids to attack Mawkin? The two tribes were working together on SR388 even before the creation of the Metroids, were they not? Unless there's some historical context we're missing, it just doesn't make sense that the Thoha would do this.
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2021.10.20 12:49 Saars Amazing review CGI in a Bollywood movie, I haven't laughed this hard in a while

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2021.10.20 12:49 rad_eshu Giveaway!!! Upvote, like on open sea and drop Eth address ✌️

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2021.10.20 12:49 kushcory ANOTHER ONE!!! *DJ Khaled voice*. Dream or truth skin boys and girls?! Dream is pog

We yet again get the 18th pole in the last 3 days. So who will win this time? Dream or truth!!
View Poll
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2021.10.20 12:49 hoozungry Moving to Canada. Can I withdraw funds to my canadian account? Deposited through my account in a different country.

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2021.10.20 12:49 willedUP CMC trade value

League mate offered me CMC + Brandin Cooks for Carson + Collins + Diggs. I dont really want to give up Diggs and may swap him for a Deebo + Collins + Carson deal. Are we worried CMC will never return this season though and is it risking going to get him?
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