Oops 😂 so the shaking wasn't from the post workout

2021.10.20 13:02 dearokamiarts Oops 😂 so the shaking wasn't from the post workout

Thought I was shaking because of the intense workout I did around 12... well turned out it was a low at 59 😂 Now I have the excuse to eat the cookies next to me😙
Also I am interested did anyone else have a low but ignored it in the believe it was just from the workout or other reasons?
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2021.10.20 13:02 feross vscode.dev Visual Studio Code for the Web

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2021.10.20 13:02 bbbooorrriiisss Found a brown recluse in the Porta potty on my jobsite. Could have gone pretty wrong

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2021.10.20 13:02 chrisor97 [Nintendo Switch] Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Standard Edition is $72.98

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2021.10.20 13:02 rwinston07 Is a Finance BBA Worth it?

I hope whoever is reading this is doing well. I'm a major in Finance BBA, and I intend to start a business in the next few years. However, I know people that have degrees in music or something unrelated to business and are able to have successful businesses. So I'm asking for whoever has a business, is it necessary/helpful to have a finance degree? I love business and definitely will start my own but I really want to be a psychology major, and if it is possible for me to major in psychology and still be successful in business, that would be awesome.
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2021.10.20 13:02 herb-espresso Literally yesterday I was happy at how clear my skin was; today, not so much….

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2021.10.20 13:02 epee_1 Board Game Arena subscription will go up on November 1st

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2021.10.20 13:02 ZobbyRN Amazing trip to North Conway!

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2021.10.20 13:02 Electronic_Tiger_880 I use lots of tape

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2021.10.20 13:02 voiciunnom how to mitigate an inevitable bad first impression…?

This is long and tedious because I haven’t found a good treatment plan for chronic logorrhea, but bear with me.
BLUF: ankles have been fucked up for a couple months, profile expired while on PCS leave, and I’m trying to figure out how to not fuck them up further while also not looking like a shamming shitbag day one at my next (and first actual) unit.
Background: Went to Goodfellow AFB as TDY-R this July for AIT after DLI. Woke up one morning about a month in to randomly swollen and sore ankles (no crazy run or ruck within the week prior). Opted to just manage it with Advil and elevation for the final 4 weeks I had at GAFB because I didn’t want to get medically stuck there since my family was back at DLI. Came back to DLI and also didn’t want to risk being a med hold there, so I upped the Advil and used ankle wraps until the swelling/pain was unmanageable more often than not. I was kind of brushed off the first time I went to sick call (“Idk what’s going on…but here’s a no-run profile and try these stretches 🤷‍♀️”), and the second time I went it was [apparently] too close to my final out from post for the doc to refer me anywhere. They couldn’t update/extend my no-run profile for the same reason, I guess.
Swelling and pain flared up enough for me see a civilian doc at urgent care last week (nurse advice line referral) while on PCS leave. He diagnosed it as tendonitis and told me to just take it easy.
After nearly 10 weeks, though, there’s still swelling and significant pain. And with 6 weeks of almost zero physical activity, there’s no improvement, and in the last week or two, they’ve been worse than ever. Frustrated is an understatement.
So, here’s my issue: I report to my unit at Meade November 1st. It looks highly unlikely that I’ll be good to go or even better by then and I have no current profile. I’m going to need to go to sick call or get an appointment pretty much as soon as I get there because simply walking and standing still hurt. Normally I’d just pop some extra Advil and get through PT for the first couple weeks so I can sort of “establish” myself, but I’m genuinely concerned about worsening whatever is going on with my ankles because I’d like to be able to, like, walk normally again someday.
Is there any way (apart from providing documentation showing that it’s been an ongoing issue that I’ve been actively trying to fix) I can bring it up with my first line that will be better received…? I’m assuming there’s no way for me to know who my first line will be until I inprocess so I can reach out before arriving…?
Thank you for indulging my neurosis and any input.
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2021.10.20 13:02 Repulsive_Hat6189 Is my deck good enough for arena 7?

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2021.10.20 13:02 jmelt17 Needing advice on a good but affordable hard drive

Recently my local Walmart started sales on external hard drives for ridiculously low prices, 4tb for $60. I missed out on those sales but I'm still looking for a hard drive I can use on my XB1 that can eventually go on to be used with the Series X/S. I'm not very knowledgeable about what works on xbox so any advice or recommendations are greatly appreciated
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2021.10.20 13:02 Ampersand55 Man dumpade avliden person på skogsväg i Töre – bad om ursäkt på papperslapp

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2021.10.20 13:02 itsisaac36 Dark Vault

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2021.10.20 13:02 PowMafia Anyone can help me with Ledger app and wallet issue?

Whenever I plug my NanoX to any pc regardless of the cable I use, I can't complete any transactions. Doesn't ask me to ''accept'' on the nanox. It used to work fine... Everything is up to date, my drivers, ledger live, the Nano x and Pc. Tried different cables and PC too. Mac and Windows.
step 1: I open ledger live and enter the manager tab
step 2: unlock my ledger nano. (shows synchronized up top)
step 3: I proceed to try and do a transaction using Metamask. Note: The use ledger live in settings is set on and Blind sign too (tried both on and without it)
step 4: Attempt to activate Bridge the NanoX and nothing works, Transaction fails, no pops up on the nanoX , can't even manually bridge the ledger either.
I tried opening the Ethereum APP on the ledger directly, but whenever I do that while the ledger app is opened, Ledger live shows up ''connect and unlock your device'' and then it kicks me right out the ethereum app (on the ledger nano X)
Whenever I close the Ledger Live app, I can freely open the Ethereum app on my nano x So I tried to turn off the ''use ledger live'' option in Metamask and doing a transaction without ledger live. but whenever I do a transaction, it's pending until it eventually expires and still doesn't ask me to confirm or accept transaction on the Nano X
I tried to uninstalling the Eth app on the Nano x and reinstalling and Still nothing works.
Note that Everything was working earlier this week, I did not change anything, no update since then (except for the ledger live) but I don't usually use ledger live and this morning when I tried doing the same thing I did earlier this week, It failed. So my problem is probably not related to the update.. I tried my best to provide as much details as possible and being as clear as I can with my English being my second language.
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2021.10.20 13:02 Vrokolokas Addressing misconceptions about blue light.

There is a staggering amount of medical misinformation on LSF and Twitter in the threads about Valkyrae's new RFLCT products. You may have seen users cite misleading sources such as news entities or corporate press releases (like that Beiersdorf article) instead of scientific studies. Those "alternative facts" won't kill anyone, but it's best to address them for the sake of accurate knowledge.
I know nothing of cosmetology, so I can't speak to the quality of the products themselves, but visible light radiation (specifically blue light) from digital screens does have detrimental effects on our bodies. I'd like to take a moment to bust some of the myths perpetuated by Redditors who decided to dress up as "scientifically literate" for Halloween.
Myth: Blue light has no effect on our eyes.

Blue light exposure from devices can...
  1. increase the risk of developing cataracts without certain enzymatic supplements
  2. cause oxidative stress-induced swelling of the retinas, damaging photoreceptors in the process
  3. increase occurrence of myopia in children who use computers for more than 0.8 hours per day
  4. lower sleep quality by inhibiting melatonin secretion at night
Methods of blocking blue light from entering the eyes, such as anti-blue light glasses or software such as F.lux can protect against these symptoms.
Myth: Blue light has no effect on our skin.
Blue light exposure from devices can...
  1. accelerate skin aging, damaging DNA (increasing risk of skin cancer) and causing wrinkles
  2. promote growth of the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus in dark environments, potentially causing acne and worsening symptoms of other skin disorders
  3. cause hyperpigmentation, which is the darkening of areas of the skin
Myth: Blue light therapy is a thing, so blue light must only be beneficial.
Photodynamic therapy is used effectively in clinical settings to kill certain pathogens. However, it isn't direct exposure to blue light that accomplishes this-- instead, blue light is applied to photosensitizers such as erythrosine, curcumin, and hydrogen peroxide. The light is used to activate the bactericidal properties of these molecules, not to stimulate the skin (or teeth) itself.
Myth: Skincare products can't block blue light.
I'll simply link to the studies that disprove this claim.
Myth: There's no need for these products when I can just use sunscreen instead.
Sunscreen blocks UV (ultraviolet) radiation from the sun. Non-tinted sunscreens don't block visible radiation, which is a completely different range of wavelengths.
In conclusion, as long as her products do what they say they can, Rae isn't selling "snake oil" or scamming anyone. Though in my opinion, she should fire RFLCT's marketing team. That website not only looks like an ode to cheesy 90s sci-fi fansites, it fails to cite legitimate sources for its claims despite its accuracy.
tl:dr -- LSF dumb. Twitter dumb. Valkyrae right. Earth round. Vaccines good.
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2021.10.20 13:02 SladeNation9000 NOT THAT KIND OF MEAT!

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2021.10.20 13:02 LemonBucketHatFrog Would of posted to r/arethestraightsok but I couldn’t. This whole subreddit is a scary rabbit hole

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2021.10.20 13:02 stvemt I’m a pharmacy tech trainee

I’ve been with my company for 8 months and I’ve started my tech training. I’m already doing production work, too. I had my second shift in production last night and I always leave feeling like I’ve done something wrong and I’m going to lose my job over it. It’s always, “what if I gave someone too many tabs?” or “what if I gave someone the wrong medication?” I know the pharmacist verifies everything but we do virtual verification where we essentially take a photo of the medication under a camera. Does anyone else feel like this? I don’t know if I can handle this stress anymore honestly and it’s only my second shift. Have any of y’all made mistakes like this?
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2021.10.20 13:02 shinygaara What could my 16 year old brother apply for?

I'm currently inbound and I think he could do that but I'm thinking OPUs as he's used to picking at warehouses only thing stopping him is he really isn't the brightest tool in the shed and a new employee is currently getting dogged on my everyone for sucking and I don't want that to be him, he's done warehouse work so he's used to hard work I just don't know how hard OPUS are to understand as a new employee, are these two the simplest things he can do or are their closing shifts he could do, thank you 🙏🏼
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2021.10.20 13:02 karinsmit Check out Magic Mushroom Mafia!

Check out Magic Mushroom Mafia! Great team and community! Was just announced! Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/cMGGx2W9
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2021.10.20 13:02 yoctoow indycar race 50 laps

hello everyone this evening I do a race on indianapolis with indy car. I have 16 free slots join my discord if you wanna race with us. more info there
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2021.10.20 13:02 KaitoThat Wanna win my scam?

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2021.10.20 13:02 NICKYbouf420 Video Marketing!!!

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2021.10.20 13:02 FodaLachry Best rated Dropshipping Courses in 2021 💰🔥📚

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