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Start Today MyLeague

2021.11.27 23:35 PokeyPicard Start Today MyLeague

If I do a start today, is it just one season or can I play multiple seasons?
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2021.11.27 23:35 MiNuN_De_CoMpUtEr Why does my Pixel 6 Pro when idling uses more battery than my Nexus 5 when idling

I've recently upgraded to the Google Pixel 6 Pro after 8 years with the Google Nexus 5, so, this would be my first time with a "modern" smartphone as of present
Everything is wonderful except one thing, the battery life
When idling (I do not touch the phone at all, rarely or no lock/unlock) I watched my Pixel 6 Pro drained 6% in the span of 2 hours, so roughly 3% per hour (That is a lot!), compared to my Nexus 5 which feels like it drained 5% if left alone for the whole day
What is going on? is it a "modern" phone thing? is it my phone? my settings? at this rate, it needs to be charged daily
Here is the Battery Usage breakdown; https://imgur.com/a/mgJsN7n
Why does "Mobile Network Standby", "Ambient Display", "Phone Idle" eat so much battery while idling, I am thinking of getting rid of "Your Phone Companion" even though I find it useful, conflicted if it is worth the battery, everything else looks good
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2021.11.27 23:35 No-Midnight4026 Just a little largemouth action!

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2021.11.27 23:35 Murr-Nineteen-Eleven Jon Benet Ramsey Investigation: The Denver Post Online

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2021.11.27 23:35 Urfaello anime_irl

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2021.11.27 23:35 Much-Training-330 [f20] curious how I come off to others !

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2021.11.27 23:35 InviteProfessional54 🥵🔥

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2021.11.27 23:35 WhyPickSides Question

How many of these “Well known” gang members in JAX were any of y’all in this sub close to or cool with?
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2021.11.27 23:35 Boston617390 Boston Statues Long Overdue? Who's deserving? Larry Bird? Tom Brady? Boston Lobster?

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2021.11.27 23:35 TrendingBot [TRENDING] /r/instant_regret - "What have I done..." (+701 subscribers today; 249% trend score)

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2021.11.27 23:35 Darthdisaster12 What rubber banding did they even fix . I just got the ps5 and I’ve had non stop rubber banding as soon as I try to play. I don’t even bother playing

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2021.11.27 23:35 nnikki100 Favorite and Least Favorite of Each Season?

You don’t have to explain each one like I did.
Season 1 Favorite: Riding the Lightning - It’s iconic, depressing, and we get to see a heartfelt side of Gideon. Least Favorite: Plain Sight - I tend to gloss over episodes where the unsub is a white male in his 20s to 40s with an m.o of hating women.
Season 2 Favorite: Revelation - I can’t name another episode that made me genuinely scared as much as this one. On one end you got the BAU in a high stakes game with an intelligent unsub, and on the other end, you got a deeply personal story. Least Favorite: Honor Among Thieves - The mafia does interest me, but this was flat out boring.
Season 3 Favorite: Seven Seconds - One of my favorite episodes of the entire show actually. The pacing is rushed but in a way to show how urgent the situation is, every member gets a chance to show their profiling and interrogation skills, the pacing is shocking and depressing, and there are many clues beforehand. Least Favorite: The Crossing - I get that they are trying to make this episode different, but in a season with so many notable episodes (my favorite season really), it didn’t work for me. I do not care about that girl's life.
Season 4 Favorite: Demonology - I know this episode is either hated or loved, but I was immersed in the eerie tone. I am a fan of episodes that are about the backstory of one team member. I don’t get why this is one of the lowest rated in IMBD. Least Favorite: Cold Comfort - Boring episode with a boring unsub
Season 5 Favorite: Our Darkest Hour - An unsub based on Richard Ramirez makes this one of the creepiest episodes of CM. His signature of targeting in the dark makes it seem like the BAU is hunting a boogeyman, and this pretty much haunts the entire atmosphere. Least Favorite: The Fight - Having them work with another BAU team was an interesting idea, but that was the only good thing here.
Season 6 Favorite: Longest Night - Same as before, but I honestly thought that was better in keeping us engaged. There are not many memorable episodes this season. Least Favorite: Supply & Demand - Sometimes I forget this was a season finale.
Season 7 Favorite: Dorado Falls - You know at the end of every episode where the BAU is trying to negotiate with the unsub who’s holding a gun at an innocent person? This turns into a much better example. Least Favorite: I Love You, Tommy Brown: Felt more like a high school drama than a tense standoff with the BAU.
Season 8 Favorite: Zugzwang: I was NOT expecting that ending. Least Favorite: Through the Looking Glass: Most of the family was so annoying and hard to care about.
Season 9 Favorite: Demons: Angels was a close call, but this ties everything together from the previous episode while feeling like an escalated version of it. Least Favorite: The Black Queen: I would love to see a hacker or someone who works with computers react to this.
Season 10 Favorite: Nelson’s Sparrow Least Favorite: The Hunt: This was such a lame season finale. So many plot holes.
Season 11 Favorite: Entropy: We barely get to see Reid interrogating people, so an entire episode dedicated to this was interesting. It was such an intense cat and mouse game with an equally smart unsub, using more psychological impact than guns. Least Favorite: Awake: Completely useless, unsatisfying torture porn.
Season 12 Favorite: Red Light: Three words: Reid and Aubrey Plaza. Least Favorite: Hard to Choose: All the profiling in this season felt really cheap.
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2021.11.27 23:35 igl00s What’s the fastest way to get exp in btd6

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2021.11.27 23:35 Daydrift00 Fancast - Pride & Prejudice featuring John Cho as Mr. Darcy and Karen Gillan as Elizabeth Bennet

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2021.11.27 23:35 TrevastyPlague Gun Raiders is CRAZY! Looking to give out Lambda easily

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2021.11.27 23:35 saintmary23 update!!

i dont really have anywhere to put this so im writing abt it here but abt a week ago i wrote about my nieces bday being ruined due to my ed. im proud to say that today she came to my parent to celebrate with them and i have officially in recovery since thursday, almost 3 days strong after years of what i would consider abusing my body. i have been eating ASTRONOMICAL amounts and though its hard to know that im doing the right thing most of the time, today it felt like it was. my niece and i made pie together and though the food anxiety is still there and the thoughts of food havent left me, which i suppose will take a long time to heal, i found that on the positive side i had more energy to play with her than i have in a long time. even though recovery is exhausting, and my body was finally able to slow down and im able to feel how bad things hurt, i still found that nothing is more tiring than being in the trenches of my ed. just a few days ago, i would have only had the energy to play with her because in my head i thought id burn more calories than just sitting. i would have found the energy to play with her because it was a distraction from how hungry i was. that thought is what keeps me going in recovery because of how much that behavior and thought pattern disgusts me. and how much it saddens me. today i played with my niece because the food i had eaten provided me the energy to do so. and i was able to stop and watch from the couch when i was tired instead of continuing to run around and match the infinite energy of a toddler. today i was able to eat pie with her and take bites of the food she offered me. not only that, but she wasnt wanting to eat dinner because she knew she was getting pie, and i was able to be a good role model and eat all my dinner, which helped her eat because she loves to do anything i do. recovery is giving me my life back which sounds dramatic but it is, slowly but surely. i wake up and my joints hurt less, my eye sight is coming back. i can enjoy a car ride without worrying about needing to exercise beforehand because I'll be sitting for a while. i wont lie, the movement part is the hardest part to stop. cold turkey no exercise or compulsive movement is hard for me, and somedays it feels like its impossible to stop, my whole body feels like its lit up with the urge to move. but i know i need to stop for a long long time, and what helps is focusing on how exhausted i really am and listening to my body which begs me to sit and rest. today i ate until i was so full it hurt and instead of running for an hour i sat still and fell asleep on the couch. i have fantasized about being able to nap instead of run for so long.these past few days have felt like a second chance at life. and even though im uncertain i should be eating this much or if im really deserving of calling this "recovery" or if i was really ever "sick enough", im choosing to classify those as thoughts that are trying to lull me back into my ed and get me to restrict again. ed can be so deceitful and sneaky like that. it will come at you either full force with guilt and shame, or plant quiet seeds of doubt like those, which often feel more effective sometimes. i have to watch out for those and i know that now. i need to continue to do this for my niece so i can be around for a long long time for her. so i can watch her grow up and play with her while she still young and wants to. i have so many pies left to make with her. and im planning to be around for a long time to do that. so if the worst thing im going to be is full, if the worst thing that will happen to me is i gain weight, then so what? i have to fight my ed with a passionate vengeance, and combat every thought it throws my way with eating more. every time it tells me "i shouldn't eat this or i should wait till this time or do x amount of movement or i already did this so i cant have this" i have to respond to EVERY one of those thoughts by eating and resting. because thats mental hunger. thats my brain telling me im hungry because my hunger queues are so damaged. my body cant trust me yet and i have to earn its trust back. today i ate for the first time in FOREVER without checking the clock, just because i was hungry. i had no idea what time it was i just knew i was hungry then and therefore needed to eat. and right now, i just brushed my teeth, ive eaten more food than i could have ever fathomed today, its currently well past 9pm, and im still hungry. so im going back for more. im incredibly nervous about going home and having to recover without my parents there, about being back in the same space this all started in, where i developed these routines and how hard im going to have to work to break them once im back. but i know i can. because ive already started. thank u all for the support ive gotten too, it means the absolute world to me. im going to get through this and so will all of you<3 x
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2021.11.27 23:35 LiteBrightKite When you're on take 112 of Maxwell's Silver Hammer

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2021.11.27 23:35 Careless-War-963 New meme format? Have fun with it

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2021.11.27 23:35 dogwoodmaple [Purdum] SEC Championship line: Georgia -6.5 vs. Alabama, 49.5 total points

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2021.11.27 23:35 Cam_Bam_ Smudges(or something?) underneath front screen protector? Is this normal, like adhesive or..?

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2021.11.27 23:35 ZookeepergameTrue681 You smell that?, It's the smell of the Liberal and Labour parties making the most generic ads possible

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2021.11.27 23:35 Evexlululover So I guess they put the regular prices back on the staple colours on skirts and shorts I see…

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2021.11.27 23:35 MacAndCheeseKitty otter drill

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2021.11.27 23:35 Dzrang Finally figured out the circle k promotion!

I couldn't find anything helpful for the promotion on here and haven't gotten any replies from customer service but I gave it one more shot and FINALLY got my razorback.
After the clerk scans the drink, you'll see a screen with master chief on it saying add another can for a discount or something. Here's where it's misleading... Click add another! Then a prompt will appear for your phone number. After entering it there you will immediately get the code texted to you before even checking out, so if that doesn't work don't make the purchase. Then you'll end up with the circle k promo code + two tab codes from your drink! Enjoy, I hope this is helpful to anyone who was seeking this as much as I was! ;)
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2021.11.27 23:35 ThinkOne827 Ways to cleanse psychic attack?

Ive been experiencing it for quite some months now, Id like plenty if ways to cleanse it and protect myself thx
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