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2021.11.27 23:54 Sapphire580 3-jokes-1-punchline

What did the Northern Territory venison farmer say to his herd the first time he saw them that morning?
What did Paul Hogan say to his wife when she found Waldo before him?
What did the one guy say to the other guy when he came up with a great solution to their problem?
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2021.11.27 23:54 SkylitYT ELI5: What factor of production is an airport?

In the airline industry, what category of factor of production does an airport fall under? I know it's not land because land has to be natural(right?). Thanks in advance.
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2021.11.27 23:54 gerund_ford FS new / field tested

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2021.11.27 23:54 icooktoeat Pork loin on the Big Egg

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2021.11.27 23:54 emilsco Officially the most insane game i have ever perfomed. Is there no nukes in hardcore?

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2021.11.27 23:54 Fragrant-Pudding3851 Advice

I am accepted to transfer in for the spring but have not been allowed to actually see inside anywhere on my tour. What can you guys tell me about what BU is like? How is housing, classrooms, gym etc... I have to make a decision in the next two weeks, but it feels difficult as I have not seen anything.
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2021.11.27 23:54 c_loudyyy What is a cool, different, interesting, or must-have app that you would recommend someone?

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2021.11.27 23:54 max_towers11 What do you think ? (M24)

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2021.11.27 23:54 Bird_Mess Just put prompt "Ahri" in AI artwork creator. It looks cool

Just put prompt
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2021.11.27 23:54 russellprose Game 2: X-Rated Analysis

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2021.11.27 23:54 ipad_pilot WiFi Connectivity Issues

Hello everyone!
I’m experiencing issues with WiFi on my UniFi Setup that seems to stem from the security protocol used. The goal is to use WPA3-Enterprise but I can’t seem to get that working. I am using the below equipment.
UDMP - 1.10.4 * Network - 6.5.53 2 x U6-Pro - 6.0.2 iPhone 12 2018 Mac Mini Mid 2018 MacBook Pro
I have tried restarting all off the above equipment throughout different parts of the below testing. Per documentation, all above listed equipment should be WiFi 6 and WPA3 compatible except for the Mac Mini which doesn’t support WiFi 6.
As a baseline, when I have my WiFi network set to open, all my devices can connect no issue. Below are issues experienced based on specific security protocols (both macs had the same results for all).
WPA2: * iPhone - “Unable to join network” * Mac - Repeatedly asks for password
WPA2-Enterprise: * iPhone - No issues * Mac - “The WiFi network could not be joined”
WPA3: * iPhone - No issues * Mac - Repeatedly asks for password
WPA3-Enterprise: * iPhone - Works without “192-bit mode” and takes credentials, then “Unable to join the network” with “192-bit mode” * Mac - “The WiFi network could not be joined” for both modes
This issue seems really weird and inconsistent, I’m hoping someone will be able to help. Open network shows that all the hardware is compatible, but I suspect that somewhere in the software things go awry.
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2021.11.27 23:54 South-Steak-808 Shiba Lambo | Next BSC GEM | 7% SHIBA Rewards | Less than 1hours old | Low Marketcap 💎 | Safe Contract ✅ | Renounced and Locked | Dont Miss Out

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Here we are introducing the next 100x Gem token. Shiba Lambo is the perfect low market cap gem for meme coin investors looking for a moonshot.
Shiba Lambo aims to create a community that can reap the benefits of the increasing interest in the crypto market. Inspiring to be a successful, community-driven project, Shiba Lambo is ready to be your latest moonshot.
Backed by well known influencers in the cryptosphere, Shiba Lambo is here to stay and make new waves! Join our Telegram and learn what we’re all about.
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💯 Big Marketing Budget = Moonshot guaranteed!
Verified Contract: 0x067973cae4790e10ccf24f224b72e9d4219b437e
Buy Now:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.11.27 23:54 PsychologicalCall168 Masculine bi looking for mf/mm

By the airport hosting all night !
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2021.11.27 23:54 Tonyjane86 Heatran raid add 8990 4906 5212

First 10
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2021.11.27 23:54 Interesting_Gur4585 Ring missed package thief

We had a package stolen off of our porch. We have the clip of the delivery man dropping off the package, but nothing from when it got stolen. The package was no where to be found. The weird part is the day after the mailman dropped it off, there were only three motion alerts that day. When typically we have 30+ a day. I would assume they stole it the day we only had three motion alerts. Just disappointed that we pay to be able to record and see the motion, but when we need it, it’s not recorded. Has anyone experienced anything like this?
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2021.11.27 23:54 Admirable-Tomorrow94 Help

Hi there. I am a mother of 2 and one on the way. Currently on bed rest now, out of work because of preeclampsia. We are struggling. We do not have a car seat or stroller. We need help with Christmas. I am behind in my car payment we are on the verge of it being reposed and our phone is almost out of minutes. I’ve never been here. I’m desperate. I don’t know where to turn or how to handle. I’ve always been able to work now I can’t and my savings are dry. My girls deserve the world. They’re so kind and understanding. Any advice, help, kind words, would all be appreciated.
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2021.11.27 23:54 cephalalgic Cresselia raid now inviting 10

add one of us, we’ll each invite 5
8232 7489 5470; 5928 1869 6865
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2021.11.27 23:54 Psychological-Ad183 I really don’t get it tbh

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2021.11.27 23:54 MarchSadness10752 8.22 lbs, 25” South Texas ShareLunker

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2021.11.27 23:54 berrycutepiewant2die I think my bf is gaslighting me? (Cw)

I can’t tell when I’m being too over dramatic or not like I asked my bf to see his phone bc he kept being worried about me cheating so I told him he could look thru my phone I understand needing reassurance I didn’t mind it but when I saw his phone he told her to keep your head up smile and then he texted her his mixtape corny asf and then he said the reason he said that was Bc she was begging to see him and he felt bad ? Like idk I freaked out cause to me like ur supposed to hate ur ex and want them dead I don’t believe in ur ex being ur friend like no. To me it felt like it was cheating but it’s not like he fucked her. Idk I just feel like it’s sketchy like ew. I’m remembering just now that it looked like he said keep your head up n smile and she was saying like “I amm tf🤣.” Like as if he randomly said that to her and she was like wtf get on.
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2021.11.27 23:54 Richincrypt Add me!!

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2021.11.27 23:54 yuzuboi I have no idea what a fraternity is. What are they for? What do you do in them? How do you join?

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2021.11.27 23:54 degraw19 Pretty much sums up my entire banami and alpha orb in nutshell

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2021.11.27 23:54 iamnoobatgame Mike Interviews Special Fan Episode!

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2021.11.27 23:54 Hau_On_Reddit For those looking to invest in the Metaverse come through!

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