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Tuna Salad

2022.01.26 19:33 lynnefinnerty Tuna Salad

What’s something you put in tuna salad that’s maybe different from what most people add but, in your opinion, very good? I add my mom’s homemade sweet pickles, onion, boiled egg, mayonnaise and about a teaspoon of yellow mustard. I’m looking for new ideas. TIA!
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2022.01.26 19:33 Zabazooo Just missed a block

So i just missed a block today, but the funny thing is the last time i missed a block was last year on the exact same day lol. Does anyone know how many missed blocks are allowed before termination?
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2022.01.26 19:33 el_shmc Have you successfully replaced cells in a scooter battery? How?

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2022.01.26 19:33 sexndex Immediately sick

Removal was on 3/3/2021.
I hadn’t eaten all day so I decided to make some bland masted potatoes. After 2 minutes of them being in the microwave I had to run to the bathroom. While eating them it hits again. This is exactly why I put off eating because I swear every time I do it just leads right to multiple bouts of diarrhea 😭
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2022.01.26 19:33 Crustysnail18 what a performance from the big man!

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2022.01.26 19:33 Elevulture He just started shredding everything

My 1 year old Dogo Argentino has been an amazingly good boy, as puppies go. He really rarely touched my things or ruined anything more than the random sock from time to time. I recently changed my schedule so he’d be alone less and we could spend more time together, more potty breaks, etc. Now, every time I leave the house he shreds something. Today he got my travel bag with all my travel lotions and soaps, RAZORS, and everything. I’ve started putting everything away now that I know. What’s happening and what can I do? Yes he has every toy and I’m trying to keep him entertained. Halp:(
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2022.01.26 19:33 Right_Connection1046 Where would you place the TV in this living room?

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2022.01.26 19:33 Stetscopes Hmmmm....

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2022.01.26 19:33 dibrancelikuu Siummm

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2022.01.26 19:33 jahviz2 My friend got his school swatted

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2022.01.26 19:33 sirena-marie https://fans.ly/marie02

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2022.01.26 19:33 IdRatherBeLurking Pre-game hit on Reed and Bones catching up with the Grand Rapids Gold

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2022.01.26 19:33 cpt_haddock_ Things I Have Made

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2022.01.26 19:33 Suspicious_Dig_2994 Made this sticker :p We all have that one friend.. ammirite?

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2022.01.26 19:33 FreeLunch_ Coin-op car wash in TO

Any reccos for good coin operated car self serve car washes in Toronto.
Ideally in the west side or even in Etobicoke.
Specially looking for: - high pressure - value - clean
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2022.01.26 19:33 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert ACCIDENT (TRAFFIC) S DURANGO DR / W BADURA AVE 1/26/2022 2:03:06 PM incident #LLV220100103303
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2022.01.26 19:33 very-creative 香蕉皮居然有这种利用价值,科学家喜奔!

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2022.01.26 19:33 Rascuss LF: Shiny Rillaboom, Shiny Lunala FT: I'll make an offer (2:1 for Lunala)

I'd really love the rillaboom
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2022.01.26 19:33 KRDC_The_knight Charzard god go brrrrrr

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2022.01.26 19:33 qcf0x what is he doing there(done by me)

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2022.01.26 19:33 FinalPushGG Lunar revel pass doubled in price?

I don't read patch notes down to the last line so i might have missed something, but why is the pass more than double the price now and you can ONLY buy the expensive one? (2650 rp)
After for the first time in my history of buying battlepasses (7+) and not being able to complete a battle pass, even saying that i wont buy another one after what the did to with the debonair changes.
But i said hey they said theyd revamp the rewards track again, so one last try.
But now im seeing the only one available for purchase is the 2.6 k one? Why? Did they double the rewards as well? Or just a price increase because fuck you?
And wheres the more affordable option for more people? Wtf
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2022.01.26 19:33 Melancholia89 My job installed MalwareBytes Nebula Agent on my personal computer. Should I be worried?

They did it through AnyDesk and told me it was for ''maximum protection''.
I can't even close the program without it going ''access denied'' in my Task Manager and I'm wondering if my job can spy on me or do anything fishy? I also don't know if there's a way for me to just keep it installed/in use on my work account (I made a Windows 10 User just for work).
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2022.01.26 19:33 Fantastic_Distance49 Finished my rag-tag Incursor Kill Team

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2022.01.26 19:33 Nearby-Couple7735 6 urs from a 10 master pack, was told to post it here

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2022.01.26 19:33 a_Lonely_Redditer 2 crisis' in one atm, one good, one bad, fortunately the latter was resolved

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