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How to proceed?

2022.01.26 20:47 throwawayissueissue1 How to proceed?

I recently got news that my dad's oldest brother passed away. So, just for context

So, I called my dad to ask him how he was and he told me that, despite "not being able to" eat salt or almost anything for the upcoming 2 weeks which will make him weak, he doesnt want to stop working (more than 10 hours a day and he has no off days), as staying in home will just make him overthink everything. After that I called my mum (I live in a different country) and she told me that he hadnt eaten anything since today morning (she was at work) and despite her telling him to stay off work, he said that he "cant keep saying off work for every sibling that dies in his lifetime" and stormed off.
Therefore, as my parents dont believe in talking about their feelings and therapy isnt an option, does anyone have any tips on how to proceed and how to make him feel slightly better about the passing of his brother and also to ensure he doesnt go down the same dark path that has taken my uncles?
Any help is greatly appreciated!
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2022.01.26 20:47 TheInsidiousToaster Shrek's bizzare swap

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2022.01.26 20:47 HybridLegandron Suggestion of the controls when HA is added to PC

To open the mutant market, press M, inventory I, and so on. And when pressing Esc, you will see a little screen which says Exit (to main menu), Save (if autosave hasn't saved your most recent activity), and Settings (the ones in the main menu, but with the option of activate and deactivate autosave. If autosave was activaded but then deactivated, your activity before deactivating it will be saved,but the next no).
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2022.01.26 20:47 rfitz205 To Ex-Coffee Shop Owners: Reasons for downfall/exit? Stories? Advice!

Hey, I am a college student dreaming of opening a cafe/coffee shop. I've done decent bit of research via other media, but on reddit almost every thread on this topic is pre-pandemic (7yrs old). I am interested in some modern wisdom into opening and running a successful coffee shop by means of downfall stories or advice. To quote an 8yr old post:
"I am trying to gain as much feedback about starting/owning/running a small coffee shop [..] A couple of concerns:

  1. What are general must haves that can lead to continued customers?
  2. Any pitfalls that are avoidable/unavoidable?
  3. Would roasting be too difficult to do simultaneously (roasting your own beans)?
  4. Is the market already saturated, or is there still room? (We are aware SB and Coffee Bean, etc. easily undercut competitors, but local independents seem to attract a niche market that just knows better coffee.)
  5. Who are the biggest competitors to a small coffee shop? & How does this vary situation to situation?
Thank you for any advice I can forward."
Thank you modernly
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2022.01.26 20:47 skiwyy Gunna Type Beat 2022 ~ "Mask Off" | Free Melodic Guitar Type Beat

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2022.01.26 20:47 MrAutoFem Saw this on insta and had to put it on this sub lol.

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2022.01.26 20:47 FairPanda267 Which place to call for mobile private dancers?

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2022.01.26 20:47 Adrian_Leonard What Rating out of 10? - Mujinazaka

With some guesswork, what rating would you guys give to each of the Mujinazaka players for the following ratings:

  1. Serve
  2. Receive
  3. Dig
  4. Set
  5. Spike
  6. Block
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2022.01.26 20:47 Bexifier13th Some of my dad's builds. A lot of these are older than me

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2022.01.26 20:47 Brytard Domestic extremists have plotted to disrupt U.S. power grid, DHS bulletin warns

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2022.01.26 20:47 bobdudezz Apple's AirTag uncovers a secret German intelligence agency

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2022.01.26 20:47 roseexheart upvote/karma comment chain!!

Let's keep commenting/upvoting each other!!
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2022.01.26 20:47 uncle_russell_90 We’ll call it *Splooge*

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2022.01.26 20:47 forgotowipe How long?

Are we going to have to hear about Kobe Bryant? What about Hank Aaron and other deceased athletes.
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2022.01.26 20:47 _LunaTuna_ Help reading this IPS alert

I have a UDM Base running Network version 6.5.55 and today the IPS actually blocked something for the first time. Sadly, I can't clearly see what occurred either on the alerts page or on the traffic inspector page because things are cut off.
The alert has the IPv6 address as clickable, but nothing happens when I click it. On the traffic inspector page, the IPv6 addresses are cut off. One would think that the traffic inspector page would make it trivial to see the device that caused the traffic, however, clicking the detection itself just opened more info on the sidebar, but never said which device sent the traffic. I had to check each device one at a time on the traffic inspector page until the threat popped up signifying that device sent the traffic.
Am I missing something? You can tell me if I'm being dumb, but I really don't see where I'd be able to go to actually read this alert in its entirety.
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2022.01.26 20:47 Euroaltic Repost Cause the First One got Ignored

How to access the livery editor on Nintendo Switch? Make sure to include details about the following:

-Is it even on the Nintendo Switch?
-Do I need multiplayer to do it?
-Do I need a Nintendo account to use the Livery Editor?
-Where do I go to use it?
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2022.01.26 20:47 Galrafloof The Flash Speed Force was removed to make room for [Wonder Woman Flight of Courage, SFMM], according to the Orange County Register

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2022.01.26 20:47 Lew3rd [RECRUITING] Cozy Crappers | TH10+ Preferred | #28RY0V2R9 | Clan Level 8 | Clan War/CWL/Clan Games | Active Members Needed!

Cozy Crappers are ALWAYS accepting new members!
Description: Welcome to the Cozy Crappers Clan! We are seeking ACTIVE members. As a member you are expected to donate troops, use BOTH attacks in Clan Wars, and participate in Clan Games. Current Goal: CWL - Gold League I
Active Members Only! Non-Rushed Bases Preferred.
We are mostly a casual clan, but looking to challenge ourselves and move up the ranks in CWL. Below you will find our Clan ID, use it to find our clan and join!
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2022.01.26 20:47 AnimeGachaStore [H] Mega global whale [LF] cash app

Selling this global mega whale it has 1500+ login days with alot of time and money invested into it.
Highest offer takes it so hmu with offers in pm.
Discord - Granola#6713
Account - https://imgur.com/a/wJ8BB2l
Have proof of being trusted with vouches of sales
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2022.01.26 20:47 furnane Boy lookin like a circus boiii

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2022.01.26 20:47 RunnyTerry Lonely

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2022.01.26 20:47 New_Independent_6160 Degenhaus On Fantom a fantastic project

🏟️ DEGENHAUS🏟 🔰️https://app.degen.haus/swap ✅A New Dex on the Fantom chain with a Lowcap Native Token Ready to Explode this 2022 🔰 https://app.degen.haus/info 🔰A LIFE CHANGING DEX WITH INSANE APR 🔰Long term and Solid Project with Unique Features 🔰$DOPE $TRIPS and $BLOW tokens 🤹🤹🏻2 FULLY DOXXED & TRANSPARENT DEV 📊High percentage Farms open and emitting! 📊 High Potential to 1000x Long Term Token ✅Listed on LunarCrush, KekTools and Nomics 🔒 Liquidity Locked ✅Available through vfat on https://vfat.tools/fantom/degenhaus/ TG: https://t.me/DegenHouse Web: https://www.degen.haus
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2022.01.26 20:47 teenagedirtbag109 Not severe enough for antidepressants?

I have always struggled a lot with anxiety and depression. Mainly anxiety now but when I was younger def depression even though the depression comes and goes in waves mainly in the form of mood swings or at night. I've always been to talk therapy and it took a while before I finally clicked with a therapist (all part of the process I guess). I made an appointment today to meet with my doctor about starting antidepressants. She's aware of my symptoms but I've only brought them up from time to time and attributed them to my menstrual cycle since it always felt most intense around that time. I just feel like my anxiety and depression are too mild for antidepressants....I don't know not to compare myself to other people or anything but I feel like for the most part I can get by in life but when I'm alone or after being around others it hits me the most since I don't have to put on a happy facade when I'm alone. I don't know I don't want my doctor to think I'm too mild for antidepressants but also don't want her to think I'm too severe that I need a psychiatrist or something because I'm not severe. Do doctors even prescribe to milder cases of depression and anxiety? How will it make me feel once they start kicking in? Will I stop feeling so depressed and socially anxious all the time? Or will I become a robot? I don't know. Help lol
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2022.01.26 20:47 Aria96 Regice on me bringing ten 5689 7577 9556

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2022.01.26 20:47 Babos81 Women of Crypto (70k+ members)

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