IT Major: Need a Research Topic

2022.01.26 20:41 dongaproogle IT Major: Need a Research Topic

I'm an IT major that just began taking the actual IT courses. However, I am taking an English class where I am supposed to write a very basic research paper for my major. However, since I really haven't dove deep into IT yet I do not really know what to research.
Based on your experience, what would be a very easy and beginner friendly basic IT topic to do a very elementary research paper on?
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2022.01.26 20:41 personager Host Nextcloud on subdomain with different services on other domains

I have purchased a domain name and VPS on Hetzner (2 vCPUs, 2GB RAM).
I would like to host Nextcloud on a subdomain such as
Concurrently, I would like to host other services on different subdomains, e.g. a Hugo generated website on the base domain (www).
My use case for Nextcloud is relatively light; mostly tasks, deck, maybe look into hosting calendar in the future. I don't intend on doing any file management or document editing.
Preferably I would like to install Nextcloud as a Snap as, from what I understand, it's a lot less maintenance than a manual install.
But, I've also read that hosting Nextcloud on a server makes it difficult to host other services on the same server. Is this the case?
Would it also be advisable to install it as a Snap? I've read that you trade-off in performance of ease of use, but for my light use case, would that be too much of a problem?
Any general tips on how to go about setting up what I'm after would also be greatly appreciated :).
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2022.01.26 20:41 balthamoz ANTM Alternate Reality: Winners Tournament Heat 1 Comeback

ANTM Alternate Reality: Winners Tournament Heat 1 Comeback The Premise
I randomized every model, photoshoot and challenge from America's Next Top Model to create an alternate reality with different casts and different photoshoots. Redditors influenced the results by voting on their Call Out Order each week, and now the 31 winners of the franchise are facing off in a Redditor-run Tournament of Winners!
Last Episode
For last week's shoot, the models could choose any beauty brand they would like to deliver a knockout ad campaign. Brands can include cosmetics, hair care, skincare, shaving products, etc.
This week was extremely important, because it decides which 6 models will move on to the finals to face off against the Heat 2 models, and which 1 model will join the other 8 eliminated models to vie for the comeback.
Best Photo goes to...
1. Erin
The models safe are:
2 - Anh
3 - Ivy
4 - Allison
5 - Lauren Brie
Will India and Jaslene please step forward?
Both of your ads were marvelous, but only one model can move on to the Top 6, and the other will join the 8 eliminated models for the Comeback.
The model safe is...
6 - India.
That means Jaslene will be fighting for the chance to come back into the competition!
Episode 10
The 9 eliminated models from Heat 1 have returned!
The comeback has two parts:
- A portfolio battle that will award points to the models based on how they rank in each shoot.
- A Signature Portrait shoot: the models are each featured in a portrait shot (not necessarily a headshot) that shows off their modeling style and DEMANDS to get back into the competition.
Here is each shoot. You can click to see them in slightly higher resolution!
Dream Come True: Aminat, Chantal, Cherish, Fatima, Jaslene, Justin, Lenox, Naima, Rune
Androgynous Fashion for Wildfang: Chantal, Cherish, Fatima, Lenox, Jaslene, Justin, Naima, Rune, Aminat
Pirelli Calendar: Aminat, Rune, Chantal, Fatima, Cherish, Jaslene, Justin, Lenox, Naima
Zodiac: Aminat, Fatima, Rune, Chantal, Cherish, Jaslene, Justin, Lenox, Naima
Edgy Luxe for Balmain: Aminat, Fatima, Rune, Naima, Chantal, Cherish, Jaslene, Justin, Lenox
Texture and Shadows for Vogue Beauty: Aminat, Fatima, Naima, Rune, Chantal, Cherish, Jaslene, Justin, Lenox
Odyssey/Iliad-Inspired: Aminat, Fatima, Naima, Rune, Justin, Chantal, Cherish, Jaslene, Lenox
Sedcards: Aminat, Fatima, Naima, Rune, Chantal, Cherish, Jaslene, Lenox, Justin
Beauty Ads: Aminat, Fatima, Naima, Rune, Chantal, Cherish, Jaslene, Justin, Lenox
And here are their Signature Portraits:
Voting Rules:
Players can (and should!) vote!
Voting for the Portfolio Battle is optional.
Each player and judge gets one (and only one) Vote. You can cast your judge vote in two ways:
1 - By listing your Call Out Order in the comment section below or by DMing me directly.
2 - By visiting this Google Form and entering your Reddit username
If you aren't a player (and therefore a "judge") you should comment on the post so I know it's really you! If it isn't a username I recognize from past games, I may DM you to confirm.
Voting will close tomorrow around 7pm.
Thank you!!
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2022.01.26 20:41 Dismal-Variation-12 Audio Sync Issues

I tried to log an issue to support about audio sync issues I was having on my Xbox Series X. After a little back and forth and roughly two weeks later, I got a response that they can’t fix the issue. No other explanation. Just sounds like they are going to ignore it.
This has been an issue on my iPad as well. Anyone have some tips on good alternatives to YouTube TV? Is Hulu Live TV just as good an option?
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2022.01.26 20:41 eureka_yess Jim Croce: Time In A Bottle - 1973 | Live/Studio Blend

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2022.01.26 20:41 usasgse My BF won't stop talking about hotwife/spitroast?

For the past week, my bf won't stop talking about SHARING me with another man. I guess it's called spitroast/hotwife, he said not to be confused with a cuck because he wouldn't just "sit in the corner like a bitch." Realistically, I know this would NEVER happen, at least not anytime soon, maybe like 5 years from now. lol. We've been together 6 years. I wasn't giving him enough attention before this and he convinced himself that it had something to with him, but really I'm just stressed out from life in general. And now he won't stop sending me gifs with text on them talking about
"~No girlfriend wants to admit it’s hot to be used like this ~
~but you just needed to be filled up real quick because I was busy and you know we’re gonna take turns on you later anyways~"
Is he doing it because he thinks it's what will get me going? He said he saw a porn one day and it turned him on and now he can't stop thinking about it, he even said he's embarrassed. But he texts me about it ALL DAY while I'm at work for like a week now, and will even hide in the bathroom for 2 hrs a night to sexy talk me because he's too "shy" to do it in person. He also went on about how he's doing nofap???? I'm just really confused because this came out of no where.
So here's the thing, even just THINKING about another man makes me sick, want to throw up+kms. Like I just can't even make myself like it. lol. There have been times where it has got me going, before he brought it up, but it was never long lived. Maybe like 5 minutes every 6 months. lol.
How can I support him expressing himself while also feeling disgusted at myself the entire time? Is he doing it because he thinks I enjoy it thinking about it and it will enhance our sex life? I've asked him and it's not really a straight answer and I never turn him down about it but I also don't act super into either because I'm really not.
Here's some of what he said:
Let me lay out the whole game plan and don’t talk and make it awkward.
Step 1 bring down barriers and see how hot honesty is while away.
Step 2 slowly start pouring it on but still try to take time away from you to feel more comfortable about exploring with you
Step 3 sit next to/lay with you in silence and exchange gif, talk about fantasy’s until more comfortable.
Step 4 watch porn and have a good sexual encounter making everyone feel comfortable and safe.
Step 5 is pure honesty. Talk open, be comfortable vocalizing things around partner.
We're in step 3
It’s just because I’m embarrassed it’s nothing against you I love you and actually find you more attractive and want to be near you more but walls have been up for a long time so I be shy as fuck. Didn’t think it would be so difficult and that I’d feel like a middle schooler again.
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2022.01.26 20:41 ALFASEF_Mi Grubun yarısından fazlası potansiyel tecavüzcü amk

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2022.01.26 20:41 Maezel Any senior people in data science space who can provide guidance?

Hi everyone!
This is a bit long, hoping anyone with time can read through it and can provide some guidance.
I am a bit lost in my current situation and was hoping to get some guidance from you around how I can manage my career moving forward. I am trying to understand if the skills I have could make me desirable and what kind of roles I should be looking into.
I am an industrial engineer, I started my career 10 years ago implementing Linear programming models (in strategic network optimisation, Oracle) for around 3.5 years in the supply chain space (Network design, production planning optimisation and a bit of simulation models) . Then I got a sabbatical break of 2 years and I have been in procurement and supply chain management consulting for the last 7-8 years. I am currently at a manager level. In this space I have been around analytics but not as advanced as what I did before other than dealing with bigger data sets (1-2 GBs max, not that massive in the big scheme of things, but anyways).
I do possess a lot of functional supply chain experience since I have worked in projects all across the supply chain (Sourcing, production planning, transport, warehousing, scheduling, cost to serve models, financial modelling, scenario modelling, supply chain strategy, etc.) in many different industries (retail, FMCG, resources, manufacturing, government, etc.)
My coding skills are limited, I can make sort of complex VBA macros in excel but that's it. I gave python a try a few times in the last few years and I always drop it. I learn better while doing actual work than academically, finding a problem and trying to solve it while investigating. I'd also consider myself quite proficient in PBI and Alteryx (although I haven't used them for around a year)
As for data base knowledge, I know how to work with them in PBI and alteryx (relate tables and do ETL through the funcitonalities the tools provide). No cloud or SQL experience or knowledge
As for math skills I have always been interested in optimisation, statistics, bayesian networks and simulation. I know the concepts, I do trainings/watch videos form time to time to not forget everything, I know what some of the common algorithms do even though as of today I would not be able to grab a python package and make a model but I would definitely be able to deliver it by using a tool (Think of llamasoft, strategic network optimisation or some other built for purpose tool). I would say I also would be able to write down optimisation equations, although I would need to have a refresh (I used to nail that back in uni and came to me very naturally)
I switched companies last year trying to get more of this supply chain projects, I am not getting them (low volume of projects plus building a network WFH is complicated). Even though I have seen presentations of optimisation projects delivered that were super similar to what I did in the past. I am sure I would be able to deliver those.
Two questions really:
Given that I am currently at a manager level, is it really worth it for me to learn how to code and some other technical skills such as R, Python, SQL or cloud data bases? I feel I could deliver the project by having technical people on the team who can do that type of work, so i do not know how worth it would be for me. If so, what would you recommend? How much coding would I need?
From what I have seen in tutorials it's mostly using libraries that do all the work for you rather than making the algorithm itself, but not sure if that applies to a real project.
Second question: What sort of role can I realistically do in the data science space leveraging my supply chain expertise, optimisation experience and (not so advanced) IT skills? Would you, as an experienced data science person, would consider my profile valuable or are there any red flags that would make you hesitate of having me in your team for delivering a supply chain related project?
Much appreciated!
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2022.01.26 20:41 FrontpageWatch2020 [#48|+7846|1291] My absolutely massive 10lb(each) breast implants after being removed(replaced by a new set) [r/AbsoluteUnits]

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2022.01.26 20:41 Kos0makSharmo0ta Sara Lance

Sara lance acting sucks.
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2022.01.26 20:41 MrLazyTiger What class & subclass deals the highest single target dmg?

And why/how?
Thank you all!
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2022.01.26 20:41 UnclaspedSky2 Welding different alloy. Help

For reference I started as an aluminum mig welder with an underground door manufacturer 11 months ago. No experience. I've become fairly familiar with my machine and the material. My issue the last 2 days is they purchased a different aluminum alloy plate for a series of doors I'm building. Softer. I can't seem to get a solid puddle moving. I've tried more heat. Less heat. More wire. Less wire. On our normal diamond plate I run. 26.2(old machine, may not be accurate) at roughly 320 speed and have a smooth running puddle quiet good pen. But this new material i cannot figure out
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2022.01.26 20:41 Latarnia40 Chemtank Yasuo is the new Akali

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2022.01.26 20:41 gh959489 Anti-Angiogenesis Inducing Dietary Compounds (on Prostate Cancer cells)

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2022.01.26 20:41 SparerThought Tips with Vigil and Fuze?

I don't understand how exactly does Vigil abillty work. I activated, ran to an enemy and couldn't use the execution. My problem with Fuze is that I don't fin his abillty useless unless I find a destructable wall and a lot of green nests behind.
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2022.01.26 20:41 Legitimate-Spray-417 Illithid dragon eggs?

A friend of mine asked if illithid dragons can lay eggs and if so, would the offspring be another illithid dragons? I don't know, but it would be an awesome adventure idea.
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2022.01.26 20:41 TriggerHandee Likelihood of me selling 2004 Lincoln Town Model car with these issues?

⭐ Dead engine
⭐ 300,000 miles
⭐ Some mold in interior (on steering wheel and driver seat area, possibly elsewhere as well)
⭐ Both front tires are flat
⭐ Electronic components don't work well (windows, etc.)
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2022.01.26 20:41 Jez3d What do you think of if someone says "socks and jocks"?

In some English speaking countries "socks and jocks" means socks and underwear (briefs/boxers). Just wondering if this is a recognisable phrase in the US? In particular it is the typical gift given to dads. If this isn't the case, what is the typical gift given to dads in the US?
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2022.01.26 20:41 Revolutionary-Play79 How do you play Alcatraz

Also comment FFP or TTP please.
View Poll
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2022.01.26 20:41 NeuronTheoryYT The Science Behind PPAR Agonist Cardarine & Exercise Endurance

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2022.01.26 20:41 Witch_e_ 29f looking for siblings, older or younger, I’ve got experience in both roles 🙂

I was extremely close to my siblings growing up and now it’s been over a year of no contact due to irreconcilable differences.
But I really miss that type of relationship.
A little about me, I’m pretty active, I like to hike, mtb and play roller derby. I’m 60 days alcohol free. I’m a good listener, I love to be in the know about everything lol.
So if you’re looking for someone to shoot the shit with or maybe would like to get/give some sibling type advice let’s talk!
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2022.01.26 20:41 DankuBot Me Irl

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2022.01.26 20:41 IAbstainFromSociety Family/friends results vs mine. Done on sapplyvalues but that test doesn't let you make a chart

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2022.01.26 20:41 _VeganExtremist_ So THAT’S what happened (satire)

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2022.01.26 20:41 KansasSunflower2005 Venous Insufficiency?

I had a venous ultrasound on both of my legs this morning to check for CVI (waiting on results). Does anyone here have chronic venous insufficiency? I read that this too doesn’t allows blood to properly return to the heart. Can this also cause an increase in heart rate due to the lack of blood flow?
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