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Advice on how to remake this table in Homebrewery? Adding the +6 ASI improvements section is a bit weird

2022.01.26 20:42 AlmightyDeath Advice on how to remake this table in Homebrewery? Adding the +6 ASI improvements section is a bit weird

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2022.01.26 20:42 Article-Loose Verkaufe die krasseste drop box mit 1000 deutschen Videos bei Interesse dm kein traden

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2022.01.26 20:42 dhakkansala4 [Available] Understanding Nutrition (14th Edition) - eBook

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2022.01.26 20:42 domiqueen I'm so confused about MBTI, I've done plenty of tests and I've got 4 different results.

I'm a 20yr old female, idk if that's important. Anyway, the fist time I took the test I got INTP, and I did used to relate with it, until I felt that, at least the INTP community on the internet, quite lacked of feelings. I mean, they didn't like to talk about anything else that wasn't logical and theories, it was fun, yeah, but I don't think that's the only thing in life. Later on, I did the test again, and I got INFP, and when I met the community it was entirely the other way around in comparison to INTPs, they are like way way too much emotional, which isn't like myself either. In other ocasions I got ENFP and ENTP. And, in general, in all the tests I've taken, it's pretty even my introversion and extroversion, but I've gotten introversion mostly.

Now... If you could help me type myself I'd be so grateful. I'd describe myself as an adventurer, I love traveling and getting in touch with nature, I just feel so alive, so connected with my ancesters and humatity itself. And, well, I'm always thinking about new stuff to do, how to improve myself (cuz I suffer from anxiety but I'm overcoming it), I'm the most optimistical person I know. I like debating though I don't really like arguing, and while I debate, I like to be driven by logic and not by emotions and stuff, I like being objective, cause that's what debating is, you know. Also, I'm not that much of an introvert either, I'm just quite shy and always been shy since I was a little girl, but I'm also pretty chaotic and noisy, just because, I like mimicking sounds or just make strange sounds, and behave weird in general, I just feel free doing so (like, dancing starngely and doing random stuff, because it feels right, though people could think I'm insane, but, I am going to a therapist, and I'm sane haha it's just who I am). I like learning new stuff, but randomly, when I have a sparkle of curiosity on something, and I don't really stick to plans. My only goal in life is to be happy, whatever I do, it doesn't matter, as I don't exactly have a life plan. I wish to have kids someday, and being a mom, and teach them lots of things, so they are virtous. I really like cuddling and hugging people, like, I feel explosions of tenderness and I like to treat them as children, whoever it is. I spend loads of time daydreaming, I imagine myself in interviews or making an speech, or being a mermaid haha (I've been watching h20: Just add water lately). And, well, that's mostly it, I don't know if you can type me from the info I just gave, but, I guess it might be boring to read this much, so I end it here.
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2022.01.26 20:42 Fearless-Reality-960 If you were the Lakers GM in the 2003 offseason...

And the Cavs call offering you the #1 pick for Shaq, Horry and multiple picks, do you hesitate at all to accept? Why or why not?
Keep in mind, you can only base your decision on what you see and hear about LeBron based on high school or (if any of you dare to be different) Wade and Melo in college.
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2022.01.26 20:42 Temporary_Forever50 Question for digital sellers

How are your sales this year so far compared to last year? Mine are really slow and I wonder if it is just for me or if it is something that is happening to everyone
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2022.01.26 20:42 ebola6696 Hello friends, I've encountered this funny little bug in Chorrol. Several houses have disappeared leaving only their doors. Doors are enterable and the house interior loads just fine but they don't appear in the town proper. I'm playing on PC and I have Maskar's overhaul mod installed.

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2022.01.26 20:42 ImaDingus2021 How does the touch layer separate on a mega touch game

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2022.01.26 20:42 Feslow Daily Marie #667

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2022.01.26 20:42 spud_2222 Hot wheels producing the goods.

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2022.01.26 20:42 Puzzleheaded-Neat157 My cousin named 3 of their childs Sakura Sasuke and Livai

I don't even know what to say or think anymore
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2022.01.26 20:42 BennyNV How to make media play/pause macro?

I recently swapped my Razer Blackwidow Elite for a Ducky One 3 and I miss the play/pause button the Razer keyboard had. I was wondering if there is a way to designate a button on my Ducky to take its place, so I don't have to open Spotify or Chrome in order to pause or resume what I'm listening to. I was thinking of using the Pause button above Page Up.
I don't believe Ducky makes any program like Razer's Synapse where I can program this in, so is there a setting for it in Windows 10, or do I have to download a 3rd party program that will just run in the background checking for the key input?
Thanks for the help.
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2022.01.26 20:42 NicktheDouglas Facts about Australia

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2022.01.26 20:42 Icez-_- I just got bonnie!!

I finally got Bonnie's plushsuit and I'm very happy I just need to get cause now
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2022.01.26 20:42 SpunchTheCrunch Day 12 of drawing X-Men everyday: Psylocke

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2022.01.26 20:42 SomeoneNew1111 The Call of Duty Dream.

I have seen in other communities a phenomenon where there would be multiple individual experiences of dreams relating to a culture, such as the Bionicle dream. Some time ago within the past twelve months, I can't remember when, I had experienced a dream in the setting of Modern Warfare's universe.
I had dreamt of a sort of trailer of a story for a Call of Duty game. the reason as to why I wish to share this was because the imagery I saw was idyllic, even profound. There was a plot, but it was vague to begin with and my memory has faded since then. There was a national crisis where the sanctity of the USA was compromised. Not is the way MW2 had all out war on US soil, but a foundational, intangible threat. It had an endgame vibe as Captain Price was heading a large organization of people across the world to avert catastrophe.
The details beyond like specific words or events were blurry. However, what was of importance that I want to share is two specific images that I still remember crystal clearly. There where pictures that would have been front/back cover art on the box. The first one was several men in military gear lined up side by side in a v shape, with the center man standing closest to the viewer and the point of the v formation. They were all looking forward at the viewer holding there rifles in a simple stance, not in combat. They looked like they were standing of the runway of an aircraft carrier at sea. These were in my interpretation some of the main/side characters. The man in the center's face was the most clear. He had a look of a main character who was working with Prices goals but for there own gain. Not a backstabbing enemy like Shepheard, but not a person to count on your side when the story gets hot and assets are on the line. The next picture is truly profound. This would have been the front box cover if this were a real product. It was a shot of Captain Price angled part of his back to the audience and his head looking to the side, slightly back at the viewer. Think of the Dominic Toretto pose with the shotgun. With the theme of protecting American integrity, on his back was draped the American flag. Not like Homeland wearing it as a trofie or prize, but as though the flag was protecting him in his fight to protect what it represented. It was as though the wind blew it on him, and he represented the preservation and opulence of the American dream and her freedoms. behind him was a greyish white light in the entire background with smoke as though he was looking over conflict. I felt like I was looking at some sort of guardian angel.
I hope I was able to give my dream justice so you could understand. I also would like to know if others have had any dreams relatable to mine.
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2022.01.26 20:42 THETAN_ARENA_ Asian rose flower

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2022.01.26 20:42 MattySampson1993 Maya Yukihi

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2022.01.26 20:42 noahreyes23 Distracting yourself

My ex (F22) and I(M23) are doing no contact right now as they are seeing someone casually and don’t know their feelings for me(she didn’t agree to doing it for a while but finally did) It’s been about a month and I am looking for advice on how to keep myself occupied on not looking and ruminating on things. I’ve already took them off socials (she got mad about that back in December, finally she said we did need the space and it helps). I’m not a very social person and apps aren’t helping getting dates right now. Any advice would help to help myself be like normal since the saying goes “they always come back when you start to forget”.
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2022.01.26 20:42 mightywamps Anyone got experience with Alegree necks/bodies?

Hello everyone. I stumbled over the Alegree Homepage today (thanks to the csguitars YouTube channel) and wanted to ask what your experience with their necks and bodies are, if some of you lovley people had any. Are they recomendable? Do the strat/tele necks fit in regular Fender and Squier bodies or are some adjustments necessary? Thx
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2022.01.26 20:42 assagitaz Alejandro Arcas - Sunday [7AGE Music]

Publisher: 7AGE Music
Out Date: 2022-01-07
Quality: MP3 17.89 Mb / AIFF 78.57 Mb
Genre: Melodic House & Techno
Alejandro Arcas - Sunday / (Key Am, BPM 123, Length 7:25)​
DOWNLOAD - https://progonlymusic.com/index.php?route=release/release&release_id=531759
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2022.01.26 20:42 Turbulent_Friend1551 Book Talk: CANCER OF COLONIALISM with Tony Pecinovsky and Tim Johnson

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2022.01.26 20:42 MrsToelan Can't seem to find any Brawl matches

Normally I would wait less than 1-2 minutes for a match but the last 3 days I just can't find a brawl match for the life of me.
I just stayed in queue while doing other things and when I came back it was 2 hours + in queue.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled but nothing works. Anyone else having this issue?
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2022.01.26 20:42 Dandantheplumberman What’s the worst realty show?

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2022.01.26 20:42 MasterLeech Shadow Dungeon - The Return Of The Leper King. Really glad to have this one.

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